Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Because One Foot In Your Mouth Is Never Enough

RatherBiased.com has a piece about how CBS is peddling a story about the ficticious return of the military draft. Between the friendly-fire casualties emerging from Memogate and the collateral damage done to their story about the bogus uranium documents peddled by the French, CBS is having a hard month.

Just for the record the military is quite happy with its all volunteer force. The troops are better educated, better disciplined and better motivated. Not only that, but it would literally take years to reorganize the military's logistical structure to accomodate a conscription based army; a prospect no one is looking for, so why bother? There isn't going to be a draft, no how, no way, never! By the way tell Bill Clinton that it's safe to come out now.


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