Sunday, September 26, 2004

Behind Every Mediocre Man, Stupid Women

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The gaffes of Tuh-ray-zah are legion and legendary. Now it seems Kerry has even more kin of the feminine persuasion to help screw him out of presidential aspiration--his sister. As previously reported she has already help undermine the re-election campaign of Australian Prime Minister John Howard by saying Australia has made itself a target terrorism for supporting the US. Bin Laden couldn't have said it better himself.

Because bunnies eat lots of carrots my eye caught this little tidbit in the Weekly Standard, written by Katherine Mangu-Ward:

Ms. [Diana] Kerry reminisces about "a State Dinner in Hanoi at which I joined John some years ago--one of only three women present. The affection and regard that the Vietnamese held for him in his work to restore diplomatic relations was very moving."

Oh yeah! Tell us how much commies love the man who would be leader of what's left of the free world. Let's talk about how your brother sold out his "band of brothers" by going to Paris in 1971 while still a naval reserve officer to meet with the enemy (an offense punishable under UCMJ Article 104). Remind us how he was willing to capitulate to ALL EIGHT of the communists' demands with only an unenforcable promise that the commies would return our POW'S as soon as they were done torturing them while playing your brother's 1971 senate testimony about them being war criminals.

My guess is that the State Dinner she is referring to comes from Kerry's visit pictured above. Be sure to visit the good folks at to read how the Huns of Hanoi honor the good senator right alongside the rest the anti-war movement, Fidel Castro and the PLO for helping them win the war. Yep, you can always tell a man by the company he keeps. Thanks for reminding us, Diana.


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