Tuesday, September 28, 2004

French Fried

It seems the French and Germans have released a statement declaring that even if Kerry wins the election they aren't budging on the issue of Iraq. This shoots down two of Kerry's major premises about the war: A) that it was George Bush and George Bush alone that alienated these beings from another planet and B) Kerry was such a great diplomat that he could win allies to the American cause. NEWS FLASH: Not without $20 billion in oil contracts you couldn't! But then that would make them a coalition of "the bribed and coerced" and we all know how Kerry feels about those sorts.

What is particularly odd about this is the timing: a mere 3 days before the first scheduled televised debate where I'm sure the subject will come up in conversation. Are the EUnechs just not paying attention to when they made this announcement or are they actually trying to embarrass the one man all but guaranteed to grovel before them? Note to Senator Kerry: no matter how many times you kiss a frog's @$$ he won't turn into a prince.

UPDATE: Gerard Baker of The Weekly Standard has an interesting take as to why Old Europe might want to keep GWB 2.0 in the White House:
European governments are steadily beginning to realize that Kerry will ask the Europeans for all kinds of things they will be unwilling or unable to provide...Given the level of expectations on both sides, Old Europe might think it would be better off dealing with another four years of President Bush, who at least will expect nothing and get nothing from them.

There's another reason the French and the Germans might be quietly rooting for a Bush victory.
The unpopularity of President Bush, and Chirac's and Schröder's aggressive stand against him, is the only thing that gives the French and German leaders any sort of credibility in the eyes of their own people. Both head otherwise unpopular governments pursuing largely failed economic policies at home. In particular, anti-Bush sentiment keeps alive the French dream of uniting Europe in opposition to the United States--Chirac's famous counterweight to the superpower.

They need Bush.

In any case, the French governing elite would surely miss having someone to scorn in Washington. It feeds their innate self-belief and superiority complex.


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