Sunday, September 26, 2004

More Quagmire Please

Anti-war types have been whining lately that Iraq has become a haven for terrorists when it hasn't been in the past. This is essentially true. Iraq has not had as many terrorists as it does today nor have they been as "active" as they are now. However, leave us not forget Iraq has hosted Abu Nidal, Abu Abbas, 1993 WTC bomber Yassin, the Salman Pak hijacker training facility, Ansar al-Islam with its leader Abu Musad al Zarqawi. You could say Iraq hosted a mere handfull of terrorists compared to the thousands that are running around right now and before the war they were merely hiding out whereas now they are engaged in actual combat operations. They have streamed in from Syria, Yemen, Iran and all those other places with a penchant for creating un-cuddly sorts.

Which is why Iraq is such a great bargain--for us. If not for Iraq how many thousands of terrorists would be running around Syria, Yemen Iran and all those other places instead of being in Fallujah surrounded by US troops wondering when the next JDAM is going to come sailing through the window. They could be running around loose, now they're fighting for their survival. They could say, "Screw this, I'm going back to plotting attacks against the kindergarten schools of the Great Satan where I can be a real man," but that would mean ceding Iraq to the Americans and that would be pretty damn embarrassing for them. They have to win Iraq as much as we do but they don't have the men or resources the Coalition enjoys and free elections in Iraq are 3 months away. They have a tiger by the tail; if they let go they get shredded so they keep pumping more men and resources into this desperate but losing gambit. Seems like the jihadis have landed themselves in something of a quagmire. Someone call CNN.


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