Saturday, September 25, 2004

Random Thoughts for the Day

Kerry This
I've noted how even John Kerry doesn't believe John Kerry will win Nov 2nd because he refused to resign his seat in the senate as all other predecessors have done. Guess he needs a fall back.

Then it struck me that after all these years his wife doesn't think much of him either as she has refused to take his name until well into his presidential run, and then only as a hyphened afterthought. It can't be some feminist leaning; after all she kept the name (and money) of her late husband, John Heinz. Makes you think.

Tales From Indian Country
Awesome piece in the OpionJournal about the new shape of the American military.

Reuniting the Beatles, One Bullet At A Time
Although the link is broken, The Drudge Report has a headline that says the man who killed hippie, peace-loving anti-war folk hero John Lennon is about to be paroled. It also seems that many of Lennon's hippie, peace-loving anti-war fans have been making death threats to the would-be parolee.


UPDATE: The link has been fixed. Here it is.

Sometimes They Feel "Unfresh" Too
The Associated Press discovers men and women are different. Best line of the story: "These discoveries are part of a quiet but revolutionary change infiltrating U.S. medicine..." Revolutionary? Infiltrating? Humanity, as a whole, has assumed for the last 10,000 years that men and women are fundamentally different. Only since the Dawning of the Age of Aquarian Idiocy (read: the 60's) did certain arrogant snots think they were smarter than all who proceeded them and set humanity upside down just to spite us. Now they have to relearn what was already known...if not blatantly obvious. The smartest thing the French ever said, "Viva le difference!"

Okay, this is getting tedious. Here at Bunny Central we have had our 4th hurricane alert with 2 very soggy near misses; Jeanne being the latest. Folks around here have actaully been leaving their hurricane shutters up for whole weeks thinking, "Why bother taking 'em down?" Jeanne had a wild track; we thought she was gone for good but she actually pulled a full 360-degree loop and came back! What next? Is this damn storm gonna do a 3-point turn before parallel parking on our front yard?

German Comedy--Always A Laugh
The BBC reports that Germany wants a permanent seat on the UN (in)Security Council. The UK and France already have permanent seats--with veto power--so why the need for this? Besides, aren't they supposed to be one big happy Eropean Union? Wouldn't that be like the US trying to win a couple of extra seats by using California and Texas? Ah, what the hell, let the baby have its bottle. It's not like that body could do anything anyway.


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