Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sexually Speaking, We're Screwed

Modern man has a new neurosis: heteronormativity. What on earth is that you ask?
Heteronormativity is a term used in the discussion of gender and society, mostly, but not exclusively within the field of critical theory. It is used to describe, and, frequently, to criticize how many social institutions and social policies are seen to reinforce certain beliefs. These include the belief that human beings fall into two distinct and complementary categories, male and female; that sexual and marital relations are normal only when between two people of different genders; and that each gender has certain natural roles in life. Thus, physical sex, gender identity, and gender role, should in any given person all align to either male or female norms, and heterosexuality is considered to be the only normal sexual orientation. The norms this term describes or criticizes might be overt, covert, or implied. Those who identify and criticize heteronormativity say that it distorts discourse by stigmatizing alternative concepts of sexuality and gender, and makes certain types of self-expression more difficult.
Our society has come to the point where homosexuality, a trait that offers no hope of or for future generations is not only considered normal (what would Darwin say!) but must be embraced by society (ease up on the embracing please; I want to see some daylight); now we have "heteronormativeness" being criticized as a thing to be scorned. Something tells me we have this whole sexual identity thing @$$-backwards.


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