Monday, September 27, 2004

Us vs. Them

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On the left we have a picture of America at its worst. On the right we have business as usual for the jihadis.

Private England and her disgraceful cohorts have been investigated and await trial facing sentnces as long as 38 years. America despises such conduct and prosecutes those who engage in it.

The jihadis are considered heroes among their own.

If you wonder about the morality of this war ask yourself this: If you were to fall into enemy hands, whose hands would you rather have as an enemy; the one who merely humiliates you (and is prosecuted for it) or the one who will murder, mutilate and drag you through the streets?

NOTE: The MSM for all its moral indignation about the supposed violations of the laws of war seems to forget that displaying EPW's for public humiliation is also a violation. Guess they're so busy tring to embarrass our troops and our President they seem to have overlooked that point. Of course the MSM could always raise the point that these jihadists are not uniformed combatants of a belligerent nation-state, but illegal combatants not governed or protected by the laws of war. That would be a very salient, if not convenient, fact for them to bring to the discussion.


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