Friday, October 29, 2004

Back Like A Bad Rash

So UBL isn't dead after all. He has floated back to the surface of the jihadist toilet and has issued his reasons why he attacked the US. It seems he hates it when we allow/assist the Israelis in matters of self-defense. Never mind the blood and treasure America has spent to defend Muslims in Afghanistan against the godless Soviets; in Bosnia, Kosovo; against godless secularist Iraq in Kuwait. This ungrateful sod has his turban in a wad because we won't stand around and allow the Jews to be slaughtered at the convenience of the Arabs.

First of all I find it interesting that UBL feels the need to explain himself. In the transcript he sounds almost pleading as if to say, "Hey guys, I'm not really evil. I just want you to understand how upset I am. We could be friends if only..."

I can't help but interpret this as a manifest sign of weakness. That UBL should be reaching out to the Great Satan for sympathy, empathy and understanding seems to be a sign of battle fatigue. Did Allah's promises of world jihad not pan out? Is he looking to buy a little breathing space to regroup and rearm should Kerry get elected and want to hold a summit?

UPDATE: My opinion above finds no higher validation than to be in agreement with Wretchard over at The Belmont Club.

Second, I find it highly insulting that UBL is going to tell us who we can and cannot be friends with. Both the US and Israel kill a lot fewer muslims than the ordinary list of Arab autocrats ever have. He won't clean his own house before trying to burn ours down.

This is where I break with these sorts--both terrorists and liberals. They demand adherence to their cause rather than some greater good. With liberals they complain about Bush refusing to bend over for gay marriage. Meanwhile there are jihadists that throw homosexuals off of buildings. Do the liberals tackle the greater evil? No, they wallow in fantasies of Bush being Hitler, while ironically whining about how he blindly supports the Jewish struggle against Arab terror.

So too with terrorists. They refuse to acknowledge that the Israelis have the right to exist. Whether because of wounded pride or twisted theology they think Israel should not exist as a meager percentage of the Middle Eastern real estate. They relentlessly perpetrate heinous acts of terror then complain bitterly when Israel calls them on those acts. NEWS FLASH: Leave Israel alone and I bet they'll never drop another missile. After all, they're the ones who are surrounded.

What bin Laden has failed to understand is that in one instance we bomb Muslims, then in the next war we die for them. Muslims are not the variable of our decision making processes when it comes to waging war. The deciding factor are our principles, namely the principle that people should be free of tyranny and blind aggression. If UBL thinks we are to apply our principles only when it conveniences him he will have to go to his grave, prematurely or otherwise, a very disappointed soul. We will not defend Muslims from tyranny then allow Israel to suffer, we shall defend innocence equally as our means allow us. Sure, America is not spotless in its history. Playing realpolitik against the Soviets led to some sorry decisions in the past, but dammit we're trying! Al Quaeda sure as heck hasn't demonstrated the shining path of enlightened virtue and doesn't seem to have any interest in doing so.

We'll talk when they finally realize there is no such thing as a worldwide Muslim paradise, Jews are real people too and its generally a bad idea to piss off people who are better armed then you are. Until then the bombing continues. Enjoy your life in the caves, snotwad. Me? I'm having a beer in my warm house and photoshopping a few pictures of Ann Coulter just to annoy you and the liberals.


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