Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Beginning of the End, Part 2

It seems that my earlier posting that the terrorists are losing their grip continues to be buttressed by additional facts on the ground.

In Afghanistan the Taliban are griping amongst themselves over their impotence to effect the recent elections there. Tell you what boys, place a call over to CENTCOM and I'm sure they'll be happy to send over some Green Berets to help mediate this little crisis of yours.

The blogosphere has been all a-twitter the last couple of weeks with chat that bin Laden is probably dead and has been so for some time now. It took one brave soul (sorry I forgot who, I'm a bunny, not an elephant--although I do vote for elephants when the mood overtakes me) to broach the subject. Now that the subject has come out we seem relieved about not having to be the first to step into the realm of wishful-thinking. The basic premise is that UBL is a media-whore but no one has seen a verifiable media presentation of the villian since 26 December 2001. Add to that fact that al Zawahiri recently released a message that did not mention bin Laden and you have a conspiracy theory that points to Al Quaeda covering up the fact that UBL has met an ignonimous death.

Well, the good news continues. The Jerusalem Post reports that the world seems to be losing its salivating hypocrisy towards condemning the Israelis everytime the plucky little Zionists stand up for themselves. if that is the case than the terrorists afflicting Israel will lose a major motivation for conducting attacks then playing the victim. has a new column by Austin Bay that shows explains Abu Musab al Zarqawi is also media starved these days. He hasn't been able to generate enough "America is evil" noise in the MSM (as is the DNC didn't produce enough of that already!) so he has re-sworn his allegiance to UBL.

NOT SO GOOD NEWS BUT A DESERVING "I TOLD YOU SO": For all their quivering, angst-ridden hand-wringing appeasement the Spanish are still being targeted by murderous muzzlim thugs. But I thought the Spanish had made nice-nice. I really want to feel bad for Spain, I really, really do, but...


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