Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Bunny Rant, L'il Johnny, Libs With Guns, Mutiny in the Making

Murderous Republican Occupiers Refuse to Occupy Paris
According to Slate:

While Americans who go abroad to kill people vote Republican, Americans who go abroad to do just about anything else vote Democratic.
Nope, no media bias here. What is surprising is that the author is befuddled why Republicans are so hard to find in nations that are rabidly anti-American. How about this turn of phrase:

While Republicans who are patriotic vacation in their beautiful homeland, Democrats like to hang out amongst the self-serving Eurotrash snobs.
You want to know why there aren't Republicans in Paris; because its full of French people besides must of us have day jobs so we don't have a bunch of time to take long European vacations like say, the Kennedy's or Kerry's, and the only time you would find a fair number of Republicans in a place where more men shave their armpits more than women would be to dump large quantities of sauerkraut and bratwurst in an effort to lure the Germans back so the French have to put up with a bunch of pushy Germans and the German have to put up with the snivelling French because that's what they really deserve--each other---because they're a bunch of feckless crap weasels so what self-respecting Republican would be caught dead over there (let's exhume our fallen troops) so when Kerry gets his butt womped on Novemeber 2nd we'll send him over there to be your president since you love him so much and I'm sure he can screw your economy up just as well as you have which is why we don't want your damned advice because if you can't stand working more than 30 hours a week what makes you think you could pull overtime in a warzone so sit back while we do the heavy lifting and hope the Arabs don't breed you out of house and home and don't look to us to come bail you out in 20 years, okay I changed my mind we'll send the rest of the libs there too that should delay the inevitable a few years since libs don't reproduce as much as us "breeder" type religious nuts but the Arabs will still swallow you whole and we won't come we'll just super-neutrino vaporize you all from orbit because we'll have the technology to do it by that time and you people won't be able to stop us because you don't really do much of anything, working only 30 hours a week and all and taking long vacations at the beach while your grandmothers are slow-cooking in their apartments so even though Paris will be devoid of French people, Germans, liberals and Arabs because we vaporized them all we still won't go over there because...


I feel better now. Thank you.

Funny Cuz It's True
Can't offer a direct quote, but Cheney stated that GWB 2.0 picked him for his selfless ability to back the president not because his home state carried a lot of electoral votes. That had to make l'il Johnny feel real important.

L'il Johnny closed with some prattling nonsense about his father learning math from the TV to better himself and his opportuniites. I'm not saying the story was nonsense I mean l'il Johnny's context. How can he recite a story about a man using self-reliance (read: no government handouts) to better himself to pitch the idea that government will shepherd us to nothing but utopian bliss? Unless Edwards is campaigning for TV's for everyone with self-determination I can't see how this makes his case.

If you thought Kerry's "global test" was a scary line did you catch Edwards' appeal that Americans should "give us the power."

Pandora's Ballot Box
The Democrats have complained bitterly about the harsh rhetoric and uncivil discourse of this year's campaign. Yet, they are solely responsible for the wild allegations now circulating.

Only one party has spoke in hushed tones of a clandestine yet absolutely bogus effort to re-instate the draft. Only one party has propogated the myth that African Americans were intimidated and denied the right to vote in 2000. Only one party claims an entire war was fabricated for economic gain and foreign influence. Only one party bleats that American freedom is being crushed beneath the jack-boots of the enforcers of the Patriot Act.

It has become so bad that in the last several days Republicans have had swastikas burnt into their lawns, and Republican campaign offices have had bullets fired into them in Huntington VA, and Knoxville, TN while a campaign office in Orlando, FL was overrun by a mob of vandals. Not only are the Democrats failing to demand that their constituents settle down the Democrats are sowing the seeds for civil chaos by inventing conspiracies and undermining people's confidence in the vote. Violence is what happens when people believe they have no other recourse and the Democrats are fabricating feelings of disenfranchisement for their own cynical political gain. It also speaks ill of Democrats that their constituency turns so easily to physical acts of hatred.

After 40 solid years in control of both houses of congress and a smattering of presidencies culminating in two Clinton terms you would think the liberals would understand that they had their chance. It was on Clinton's watch that they lost control of congress; the American people rejected liberal social theories, and after 9/11 they weren't very keen of liberal foreign/military policy either. But the left can't seem to accept that their moment in the sun has passed so they've decided that if Americans have "lost their minds". American society may well be approaching the inflamed nation of riots and domestic terrorism that the left engendered 60's. Why not, they did it to protest Vietnam and we all know they see the War on Terror as just another Vietnam. Were shame an emotion they could filter into their post-modern anti-establismentarian social-utopian minds they should have the decency to feel shame. But alas...

UPDATE (06 Oct 2004): Dems are at it again, this time in Milwaukee. If Kerry and the DNC had any sense of decency they would urge their supporters to settle down before somebody gets hurt. My guess is that the most we'll hear, if anything, will be a lame, "Well you have to understand peoples' frustrations with this administration."

But Who's Gonna Fire the Spitballs?
As I have said repeatedly John Kerry is going to be a miserable commander in chief because the troops, quite frankly, despise him. Now USAToday confirms what I've been saying.


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