Sunday, October 03, 2004

Cramps, MilBlogs, Comics, Tough Decisions and Snotty Journalists

Because Water Retention Makes You Cranky
South Carolina newspaper, The State tells us that calling someone a "nice lady" is sexist code-speak. According to the campaign of SC democrat Inez Tenenbaum, “It’s transparent strategy to suggest that a candidate — solely because she is a woman — isn’t qualified to represent South Carolina in the U.S. Senate.” Squeezing all that into two wordsis definitely an economy of language. What makes her unqualified is the fact she's hyper-sensitive, professional victim. The fact that she is a "she" is merely coincidental. Anyone so thin-skinned is ill-qualified for, well, everything; and if "nice lady" sets her on edge this should really get her going...

Silly bitch.

News From The Front
MilBlogs are not to be ignored. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll stand up and cheer. Call my recruiter, I want back in! By the way, notice how many people standing in the free-fire zone are rooting for Bush and using profanity laden screeds to call out Kerry. Somebody needs to ask Kerry how, should he win the election, how he intends to command the troops that already bear him so much malice. Blogs include:

MilBlog clearinghouse, The Mudville Gazette

The family of a young Army Sergeant that is recuperating from a gunshot to the head shares their experience.

The ever prescient Indepundit, home of irrepressible LT Smash

I'll put a permanent MilBlog webring on the sidebar as soon as I figure out how to alter the sidebar (bunnies may be cute but sometimes they aren't very bright).

Required Reading, There Will Be A Test in the Morning
In the link below is the reason why conservatives have such a profound dislike of the liberal arguments for unquestioned bipartisanship, progressive taxation, federal control of local matters (i.e. the Department of Education), unchecked social welfare, nationalized healthcare, gun control and other issues.

We prefer social and economic policy to be relegated to the states so as to avoid such nightmares. The only strong federal force should be a military under the control a civilian command that has only the most minimal control of the economy/means of production. The more we decide every social issue such as gay marriage, abortion, welfare; the more we invite central planning and ultimate tyranny.

Hat tip to, Well Armed Lamb, at the Protest Warrior forums.

Decisions, Decisions
The NYT has an article saying the Bush Administration focused on intelligence about aluminum tubes being used for nuclear weapons research that it knew was less than 100% credible. However, the NYT also printed a column from one of Saddam's nuclear scientists that states that the Iraqi nuke program could have been reconstituted in mere months had the order been given. So we were wrong about the tubes but right about the nukes.

Which way to go? Do you use disputed intelligence and accidently depose a ruthless, terror supporting dictator or do you figure the world will surely hate you so you do nothing and hope Saddam has abandoned his plans for a pan-Arab empire part of which is to leave smoldering craters in Israel and the US?

Wouldn't Know A Real Jihad If It Cut His Head Off
NBC anchorman, Tom Brokaw, has his panties in a wad. He's all a twitter that the bloggers aren't giving comrade Rather a free-pass on his attempt to launch an election year smear against a sitting war-time president using fabricated documents in collusion with the disloyal opposition (I'm sure it's not nearly as bad as it sounds). So incensed is he that some proles are operating under the disturbed notion that the MSM should be held accountable to some sort of ethical standard he declared, "What I think is highly inappropriate is what going on across the Internet, a kind of political jihad ... that is quite outrageous."

What is outrageous is that had it not been for the bloggers this scandal would have gone unchallenged, uncorrected and unpunished. There is a certain hypocrisy in the fact that the President is being accused of using a privileged position to shirk his duties, but the allegation is being levelled by people who have shirked their duty as honest reporters of fact and are now using their privileged position as the elite to shield themselves from criticism.

Moreover, Brokaw's perjorative of "political jihad" is particularly disturbing. Real jihadists flog women, cut off heads, keep slaves, blow up children, launch school massacres, fly planes into building...well, the list is too long, but you get the idea. As the MSM bellyaches about such subjective terms as "terrorist" vs, "freedom fighter" real people are being murdered and dismembered but Mr. Brokaw isn't referring to this particular jihad, political or otherwise, in any negative sense of the term. To him it refers to some inner soul-searching exercise for which the individual can only be improved. Come to think of it in that context, maybe Rather, Browkaw et al could stand a little jihad after all.

In the meantime he saves his excoriations of fanatcism for people who only want an honest news broadcast..the dastards! These unenlightened souls will have to continue to wear the epithets of "hezbollah" and "taliban" as surely as they wear their pajamas while sitting at their computers. Yet, in another light-hearted display nose-twisting the bloggers have proudly coined the term "pajamahideen" for themselves, referring to the plucky Afghanis that threw the Soviet Union out of their nation (with the help of the Reagan Admionstration, no less). Maybe if the news anchors would learn from these bloggers to stop taking themselves too seriously Mr. Rather would not have been motivated to dig himself a hole, let alone dig it so deeply as to turn it into a Saddam-esque mass grave for the MSM.


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