Friday, October 01, 2004

The First Presidential Debate

Too Clever by a Half
Kerry brought up such allegations as GWB 2.0 cutting back on police and firefighters as well as stem cell research. The President didn't answer these specifics and I'm not certain if it was do to lack of preparation of a refusal to be drawn off point. Nothing about GWB 2.0 suggests that he can't answer these charges-had he been of the mind to do so. My guess was that Kerry was trying to spring a surprise considering how far off base the stem-cell research comments were in a debate about national security. It failed to work in two regards: 1) Bush failed to take the bait 2) the surprise is lost while there are 2 more debates to go. Either Kerry continues to switch issues, which may re-expose him as a waffler or he will meet continually fortified resistence and perhaps retaliation from the President, which would annihilate Kerry's reputation as a strong closer.

Waiting for the Protests
In last night's debates Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry said several times that he would "hunt down and kill" the terrorists. How very militant of him. He also said that although he thought the war was a mistake he would nonetheless make certian that the terrorists in Iraq were defeated, even going so far as to criticize the President for backing off on Fallujah. Wow! Pretty tough talk. I'd actually be encouraged except I don't believe him and the reason I don't believe him is because his core base, the anti-war left, doesn't believe him.

For International ANSWER, Not In Our Name and the rest the issue isn't whether were killing terrorists in the most sensible manner permitted by American technology, training and courage. Their complaint is that we're killing terrorists, period.

They don't believe Kerry will prosecute the War on Terror as he claims he would. Neither do I.

Wrong Headed Response
Kerry cited beheadings by terrorists as a cause for alarmist pessimism. I disagree, I think it's a call for moral outrage. Kerry's response only invites more beheadings because the terrorists see him using the beheadings as a cause for doubting our presence in Iraq. Bush missed an opportunity to specifically call him on that.

Pre-emptively Presumptive
Kerry claimed at the beginning that he would never allow another nation or political body to trump America's national right to self-defense. Then he said he thinks pre-emption can remain definitionally correct while calling for such actions to pass a "global test" Kerry needs to drop his heavy breathing for world opinion and grow a pair of "global testes" if he wants to be CinC with even a modicum of respect from the world...or his own troops.

NOTE TO KERRY: The world thinks the US is to serve no purpose other than to to feed, clothe and medicate the teeming masses of ungrateful euro-weenines and petty dictators who are their own worst enemy but shift their animous to the US to avoid the hard work of being responsible adults. Nothing you say or do will ever change that. They're like alcoholics; they're in denial, they'll never change until they bottom out, they'll hate you if you call the out for what they are but if all you do is look the other way you're only enabling a self-destructive behavior.

AGGRESIVE DIGRESSION: Speaking of the interest of civil discourse would you tell Ted Kennedy to shut the hell up!

UPDATE: Al Jazeera is so aroused by Kerry's seeming comeback they're they're having hot flashes. As if having Iran, North Korea, Hezbollah and Vietnam fawning over him wasn't bad enough. Me personally, I prefer a President who is cheered by US troops, not terrorists, thugs and their apologists; but that may just be crazy bunny talk. Hat tip to AllahPundit.


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