Friday, October 08, 2004

G-O-P is G-A-Y, Clueless vs, Classless, Ken Bigley Remembered

Liberals Say the Queerest Things
Pennsylvania state senator Vince Fumo (Democrat--natch) called political foes "faggots." He says he apologizes to the gay community because he doesn't want them to think he views them unfavorably but he stands by his insult to his fellow state senators. Let's see: "faggot" isn't intended to be derogatory if your gay, but it is if you're Republican; yet, I'm at a loss to see how the term can be insulting to the Republicans unless it is used in its most derogatory form.

Report: Democrats Seek Power Over Safety
The Duelfer report is out. Of course the anti-war crowd is jabbering, "See, see, we told you Saddam didn't have WMD." Actually, no they didn't say that; they, like everyone else, maintained that Saddam did have WMD. While it is granted the report says there were no stockpiles the report also stresses that Saddam retained the capacity to reconstitute his programs and that the oil-for-food program had been infiltrated for this very purpose. Good analysis here.

To give you a contrast in styles observe how the Dems, in a bid to regain the White House (read: power) will distort and misrepresent matters of crucial national security. Then observe how a report commissed by the Bush administration itself was released on the eve of the 2nd presidential debate. In other words, in plenty of time for the President's critics to seize upon it and use it against him. Had this been Bubba's administration the report would have been buried until well after election day. If the Democrats had half the class GWB possesses...

Speaking of Classless Dems
Kerry spent tonight's debate carping about how people earning over $200,000 dollars a year should have their taxes raised. The additional $400 to $800 billion is supposed to pay for Kerry's proposed additional $2.2 trillion dollars in spending (that's double the entire federal budget under the current drunken-sailor-of-fiscal-responsibility administration). I'll be amazed if the price tag is only $2.2 trillion and if his taxes really generate as much as he submits. What troubles me is that $200,000 seems rather arbitrary. It seems to me that it was chosen simply to say to enough Americans, "Yes, I promise to raise taxes like a good liberal, but 98% of you would-be voters are under the radar." Bold gamble deliberately targetting 2% of the electorate and telling them as much. Me personally, I'm vehemently opposed to the concept of targetting specific classes within a society for political gain. Today you're ridiculing the 2% income earners, tomorrow you're playing fear-monger against, oh say, people who believe life is a sacred gift. Oops! He's already done that. Can the blaming the Jews be far behind? Class envy is classless--and dangerous.

OBSERVATION 1: Kerry said that the pro-life position was an article of faith and that he would not legislate his religious principles. I'm glad Abraham Lincoln didn't feel that way about slavery.

OBSERVATION 2: I said earlier that Kerry overplayed his hand in the first debate. George Nuemayr from the American Spectator says, "Kerry recycled lines from the last debate." Yay me!

Dissention in the Ranks?
British hostage Kenneth Bigley was executed. Apparently he had tried to escape. I can't help but believe that God has taken Mr. Bigley, whom we saw on numerous occasions offering tearful pleas for his life, and is comforting him right now. The evil is simply too great not to know that an even greater Good is triumphing out there somewhere. God won't let these jihadist bastard soil His good name like this. Mr. Bigley is home.

What struck me curious about this episode was that it appears one of his captors attempted to assist that escape. No word about what happened to the would-be benefactor, if there was one, but we pray it is the first of many pangs of conscience (and if he suffered for his efforts may Allah grant him his 72 virgins...and throw in a couple from me). Similarly Abu Dhabi TV refused to air the video. For a guerrilla operation to succeed it must have popular support. It seems that the terrorists in Iraq are watching such support slip from their bloody fingers.

JIHADI UPDATE: Jihad, a game the whole family can play! The Jerusalem Post reports suicide bomber dolls have been found in Paris. I can just imagine them following this atrocity with action figure playsets that include a mosque to cower in, UN ambulances to transport your miniature militant and a Sbarro's pizza parlor to attack. Successfully detonate your doll and it gets 72 Barbie's from the manufacturer. (Hat tip: AllahPundit).


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