Friday, October 01, 2004

Jihad Your Chance & You Blew It

People in the Middle East truly desire freedom--even peace. Here's a scolding of the MSM for failing to report how the Iraqi people helped US forces chase the terrorists out of Samarrah. You can also find blogs for Iraqi and Iranian pro-democracy movements here and here; and I'm sure they are not alone. Heck, the Iranian blog calls on the US senate to keep its promises to assist in assisting the Iranian democracy movement (so much for universal perceptions of evil America) and it even cite articles by Jonah Goldberg, a Jewish's THAT for multicultural!

Don't expect this new Muslim/Jewish dialogue to get much play. Interim Iraqi PM Iyad Allawi took the bold--if not life-threatening--step of breaking the Muslim/Jewish barrier. He is being embrace by Israelis and Allawi is embracing Jews such as Senator Joseph Leiberman. What did Allawi get for his trouble was Kerry's pressman Joe "the Schmoe" Lockhart calling him a puppet of President Bush. Everything the liberals have been pissing and moaning about for the last 40 years, the need for one brave soul to take a brave stance to end the cycle of hatred and violence, has occurred and how do they react? Like simpering children pouting because they didn't get the first slice of the pie that is big enough for everybody.

Conservatives believe in peace just like liberals, but we also understand that evil exists in the world and it must be vigorously opposed. Without the latter the former is impossible. We are now seeing the vindication of this paradigm and it's driving the liberals insane. Somewhere between self-serving legacy-building and genuine liberal naivete Clinton tried it their way and ended up inspiring a second Intafadah. My guess is the reason anti-war nutcases hate Israel so much is because they gambled on making friends with the terrorist Arafat and now that he has betrayed them. They can't blame it on him because it would reveal their own folly so it must be the Jews' fault. Watching the death of their worldview is pushing the liberals to such extremes, which betrays the reason why conservative don't like liberals: they're insincere, bitchy, amoral moralizing opportunist. More's the pity, because there are many reasons to rejoice these days; they should join us.


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