Sunday, October 10, 2004

Kerry: Those Were the Days

John Kerry seals his fate as being decidedly unqualified to be president. While campaigning in two African American churches (supposedly illegal for a 501 (C)(3), unless you're liberal) where near-hysterical speakers accused the President of being racist and even demonic, Kerry decided he too would play race-baiting demagogue by saying:
"Never again will a million African Americans be denied the right to exercise their vote in the United States of America."
Never again? How about it never happened in the first place! How this man can go unchallenged with this outrage is dumbfounding. As infuriating as that is it's not why we're here. Concerning terrorism Kerry had this brilliant moment:
"We have to get back to the place we were, where terrorists are not the focus of our lives, but they're a nuisance."
By nuisance we may nuance that Kerry is referring to the good ol' days when terrorists only killed one or two people at a time as opposed to the 3,000 slaughtered on 9/11. Yep, small body counts like the shooting and subsequent dumping of Leon Klinghoffer* in the Achille Lauro hijacking are merely nuisance attacks, certainly nothing to vote Republican over. So in that spirit we give you the newly re-worded theme from Leftist agitprop, All in the Family:

Some bitchy boys named Abu, killed Israelis athletes in ‘72.
Klinghoffer is just a Jew. Those were the days.
Didn't need no War on Terror. Freeing Iraq was a “colossal error”.
Higher taxes only make it fairer. Those were the days.
And you know who you were then, girls were girls under the Taliban.
Mister, we should give a Nobel Prize to Arafat again.
Jimmy Carter’s got a plan. 444 days in Iran.
Che was still the man. Those were the days.
God, how we miss the PLO. Pledging solidarity with ol’ Castro.
It’s all Bush’s fault he’s got to go.
Arabs have 'jacked a jumbo jet, French poodles were Saddam’s pets.
Kerry’s hippies could still spit on vets. Those Were The Days.

*By the way, for all you "there is no connect between Saddam and terrorism" types, Mr. Klinghoeffer was murdered by Abu Nidal who was given safe haven in Iraq under the protection of Saddam Hussein who was attempting to establish a worldwide terror network.

UPDATE (11 Oct 2004): It seems former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani agrees with the Snuggle Bunny. Hat tip: Powerline. In a separate entry Deacon writes:

What appalled me most about Kerry's exchanges with the New York Timesman was his statement that September 11 "didn't change me much at all," but merely "sort of accelerated, confirmed in me, the urgency of doing the things I thought we needed to be doing." What things? ''We need to engage more directly and more respectfully with Islam, with the state of Islam, with religious leaders, mullahs, imams, clerics, in a way that proves this is not a clash with the British and the Americans and the old forces they remember from the colonial days. And that's all about your diplomacy. . . .A new presidency with the right moves, the right language, the right outreach, the right initiatives, can dramatically alter the world's perception of us very, very quickly."

In this passage Kerry is simultaneously (a) blaming American colonialism (or the inability to disassociate ourselves from the colonialist past of the British) for the heightened threat posed by terrorism, (b) claiming that we can end that level of threat through language, outreach, and diplomatic initiatives, and (c) admitting that even an event like 9/11 was insufficient to shake this Carteresque mentality. Irony aside, then, it matters little to me which excerpt from the Times piece the Bush campaign selects for use in battering Kerry.

That about says it all and it's pretty damning. Of course it only goes to reinforce what I've said: that the reason the anti-war crowd isn't protesting Kerry's "I'll hunt down and kill the terrorists" braggadocio. They know, as do we, that he really wants nothing more than to place faith in the notion that ideological nihilistic psychopaths can be mollified. They think appeasement and self-loathing will make a difference. This could just be crazy bunny-talk but I think Jihadists don't care what feminists, homosexuals and atheists have to say.


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