Saturday, October 16, 2004

Misery Loves Company

According to Rant Wraith if Kerry wins the Lefties will dislike him as much as the rest of us should he aggressivley pursue terrorists. I myself wondered why the Lefties weren't protesting Kerry's "hunt them down and kill them" tough talk, concluding that they believe, as I do, that he's only playing to the swing voters but is really on the anti-war side. Rant Wraith has an interesting thought and one that would leave me chuckling with mischievious bunny glee but I must disagree. Kerry is so unprincipled and so desperate to be loved (he makes up stories about running in the Boston Marathon for goodness sake) that were the Left to begin to bleat and bray about his performance, Kerry would actually become worse than a Leftist demagogue...he would become a Leftist sychophant.

The worst sorts of people would be able to impose their policies on this man. Clinton was strong, and that is what made him a threat to the Right. Kerry is manifestly weak. If Bill Clinton could push former Israeli PM Ahud Barak to write off 97% of the West bank and East Jerusalem, but even he tucked tail and ran after Mogadishu disproved the notion of bloodless liberal warfare of good intentions and happy thoughts. Now imagine some Internationalist whispering in Pres. Kerry's ear, "Mr. President, the Arab League has promised to better cooperate in the war on terror if the US promises not to veto the UN resolution condemning Israel for..." Kerry is prime bait for the Leftist Jedi Mindtrick and that makes Kerry worse than Bill Clinton during the War on Terror.


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