Saturday, October 16, 2004

No Point Debating the Debate

No, I'm not going to analyze the final debate. Just about every blogger out there has and to be perfectly honest there ain't much i can add to the discussion. I think Bush won, and wish that he had brought that same style and sense of knowledge to the first debate so the polls wouldn't be so darned close as they are today.

I also won't be discussing the debate because the polls say Kerry won. Apprarently presentation matters more than reconciling mere statements to hard facts. As typical Kerry issued numerous internally self-contradicting statements. If the electorate doesn't have the capacity to detect these inconsistencies no amount of blogging is going to rectify the issue because the electorate doesn't surf blogs--only news junkies like you and I.

Kerry's team said they won--of course. Seems they incapable of granting even a moment's truth on the issues. Every pro-Bush commentator I know agrees the President blew the first debate. Such things are healthy. Either Kerry's camp is self-deluded (always useful) or they are desperate and have to tell you everything is OK even when it isn't. Sort of like how North Korean newspapers tell you theirs is a worker's paradise and the rest of the world is a crap-hole even though we all know (North Koreans included) millions are starving and the place is riven with corruption. Either way it is not a recipe for victory, because victory requires a realistic estimation of your opponent so that you can make sound decisions as to how to confront him.

I have a feeling Bush will eke out a third term. Mores the pity, since a narrow win will only produce more vacant howls of stolen elections, but I'll take what I can get.


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