Monday, October 18, 2004

President Kerry, the Discussion Continues

Rant Wraith was kind enough to respond to my assertions made on Saturday, he states (in a nicely worded passage I might add), "The War Against Jihad is now a function of our government, there is an inertia to it..." Rant Wraith and I disagree about what will become of US foreign policy, should Senator Kerry be elected. However, once again, the experts agree with me (still waiting for my consulting fees people!).

Jed Babbin over at the American Spectator surmises the same glum outlook for American foreign policy and the War on Terror as I have laid out. I said Kerry would be a "liberal sychophant" craving as much attention as he could garner making him kowtow to the worst elements in the diplomatic scene.

Most notablely I wrote, "Now imagine some Internationalist whispering in Pres. Kerry's ear, 'Mr. President, the Arab League has promised to better cooperate in the war on terror if the US promises not to veto the UN resolution condemning Israel for...'

Mr. Babbin seems to agree with me. He writes:
The next biggest loser in a Kerry win is Israel. Kerry's allegiance to the U.N. and France can have only one effect. It means a concomitant reduction in American support for Israel, in the diplomatic arena and possibly in the economic arena as well. Israel is always under siege, but without a strong American hand vetoing U.N. nonsense, and without a non-nuanced pro-Israeli voice from the White House to Europe, the EU may even put Israel on a list of sanctioned nations, precluded from some or all trade. The EUnuchs would cozy Kerry into talking again with Arafat, reviving Arafat's moribund role as the Palestinian's "representative" in some new peace process. [emphasis added]

I mentioned how even a strong personality like Clinton tucked tail and ran after Mogadishu; Mr. Babbin cites Somalia as an example of the trust lost between the US military and the presidency. In other words, we agree as to the genesis for our gloomy predictions.

I am certain Rant Wraith is as desirous of a Bush victory on November 2nd as I am. However, if Kerry does win I will be much relieved if Rant Wraith turns out to be correct and my tingling bunny-sense proves erroneous. In fact this is one debate I would be very happy to be wrong about, because I would like to believe that the War on Terror is bigger than a Democratic president who is so spineless he can't even get his own wife to stop using the name of her dead Republican husband.


Blogger Thomas the Wraith said...

Good job. I enjoyed this exchange. Let's try this again some time.

Note that Martin Peretz is with you that Kerry's views on Israel are retro-grade Clinton-era 90s.,1,5941100.story?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

A small detail but an important one: I wasn't addressing Kerry's foreign policy but specifically the War on Terror. I'm sure Kerry's foreign policy would be a sloppy multilateral mess.

October 18, 2004 at 10:10 PM  
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