Wednesday, November 10, 2004

After We Recounted the Votes, You're Still A Schmuck

Wizbang, has an interesting observation on the diatribe surrounding votes cast vs. percentages vs. Electoral College votes. Although bunnies aren't smart enough to format their blogs the same way Mr. Aylward does, here is the meat and potatoes:

Clinton 1992 : Total Votes: 104,425,014 Votes For: 44,909,326 (43%) Votes For Others: 59,515,688 (57%)

Bush 2004 Total Votes: 116,077,697 Votes For:59,770,096 (51%) Votes For Others: 56,307,601 (48%)

Of course the fact that 56,307,601 people didn't vote for Bush (i.e. voted against) is about as informative as the fact that 59,515,688 didn't vote for Bill Clinton - neither statistic really matters when it comes to the election results. In 1992 third party candidate Ross Perot garnered nearly 20 million votes and Bush (41) nearly 40 million votes, yet Bill Clinton won the Electoral College by a wide margin.

Both men won their respective elections because they received the most votes where it matters - in the Electoral College. Interestingly both won the popular vote by nearly the same percentage margin and total vote differential with the second place candidate.

Not that this will shut them up, but it's interesting to know.


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