Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Beginning of the End, Part 3

Terrorism is a spectator sport. In order for the terrorists to win they need the media to broadcast their atrocities and subsequent demands in order to demonstrate to the targeted populace that they are willing to commit horrendous acts to achieve their objectives. Without this media access that is complicit, wittingly or otherwise, the terrorists will only manage to enrage their targets. Lacking the resources and strategic reserves of a central governement or a friendly civilian population in which to hide guerrilla operations are a losing gambit at best.

This brings us to Iraq, where the insurgents have managed to piss-off just about everyone, even the Sunni Arabs whom they claim to be liberating. It has gotten so bad the Arab may soon be losing its romantic notions for these thugs. reports:
Public opinion in the Arab world is catching up with the attitudes of average Iraqis. The terror campaign by Iraqi Sunni Arabs against other Iraqis, especially the suicide bombs, kidnappings and assassinations, is seen for what it is inside Iraq; an attempt by a minority to re-establish a dictatorship. But the rest of the Arab world has, until recently, glorified the Sunni Arab terror
campaign as the Iraqi "resistance" to "brutal American occupation." But week after week of suicide bombings that kill only Iraqis, thousands of Iraqis kidnapped and murdered by Sunni Arab gangs, and even the slow learners in the Arab world have awakened to a more honest, and less palatable, version of reality. Moreover, government sponsored terror is a tactic familiar to most people in the Arab world. What is happening in Iraq, an attempt by the pro-Saddam Sunni minority to regain control of the country through a terror campaign, is getting harder for most Arabs to avoid...

What happened in Iraq during Saddam's rule, and what is happening their now at the hands of Saddam's diehard supporters, is a dark secret in the Arab world. But it is a secret that is increasing difficult to keep hidden. For months, Iraqis have been protesting the distorted reporting, by the Arab media, of the Sunni terror campaign inside Iraq. Even Sunni Arabs who went to Iraq to join the fight, and returned, told of how what was really happening in Iraq did not match what the Arab media was reporting. Then, over the Summer, some of the Arab media began to report stories that most Iraqis could agree with. The interim Iraqi government began to openly denounce the distorted reporting, and point out that this news fantasy only helped the enemies of Iraq who wanted to reinstate dictatorship.

Once Fallujah and Ramadi are subdued the "Allah is on our side" fantasy trip will fall flat. So too will the notion that the Coalition can be bowed by a protracted insurgency. Add to that the increasing level of disgust rising within the average Iraqi and the souring of the media coverage and you will see a sudden collapse amongst the terrorists. Perhaps Syria will get the message and back off. Iran may not, they have too much to lose, but pro-democracy forces within the Persian Diversion may feel GWB 2.0 is the man to back their dreams of freedom.

Life is about to get interesting.


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