Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bubba's Place 'o Books & Love Shanty

Former president Bill Clinton's presidential library opens today. Will the library include exhibits about how he made sure terrorists were tried in public court thereby revealing sources and methods? Will the library say how Clinton responded to the attempted assassination of GWB 1.0 by attacking the Iraqi security HQ--at night--when it was empty---because he was afraid people might be hurt? Or will it tell how Clinton made no response whatsoever to the attack on the USS Cole in 2000?

Amidst the hoopla and fanfare Fox News Channel had a taped interview with Hillary who said that the library brought back many memories especially the fact that at that time America was a land of "peace and prosperity." Moments later in a live interview with Donna Shalala the former Clinton secretary of HHS also stated that back in those days America was prospersous and at peace.

Even out of office this gaggle of Leftists can't speak their minds without first circulating a talking points memo. I guess we are seeing the first inklings of the, "Back to Peace & Plenty: Hillary '08" campaign.

Considering that America was dipping into a recession when these people were leaving office, compounded by the $1 TRILLION dollars lost due to 9/11, a stock market above 10,000, unemployment below 5.4% and still no inflation means the economy is pretty darned good.

And all this talk of America being at peace during the Clinton years is ridiculous. America wasn't at peace, it was asleep. When Clinton wasn't obfuscating his lying under oath to cover-up tawdry sexual antics with chubby girls with low self-esteem he was gutting the military, running away from Somalia and gambling with the lives of thousands of innocent Israelis that Yassar Arafat was really a decent chap after all. These events and more gave the jihadists and Saddam Hussein the notion that America would never seriously defend itself. These events set the stage for 9/11; but I doubt you'll find such a frank discussion of the facts.

There is one thing that I would like to thank the Clinton's the Republicans control of both houses of congress and a majority of state governorships during his terms. Thank buddy, we couldn't have done it without you!


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