Monday, November 15, 2004

CIA - Criminally Insurbordinate A[BLEEP]holes

If anyone wants to complain about Porter Goss shoving people out of the CIA I have two words for them...

Boo and Hoo

Expect lots of recriminations from the liberals that Bush is bringing division to this august body. You will hear how people who dedicated their lives to noble government service are being forced out by the President's policies at this critical juncture in the War on Terror.

That the liberals would defend the CIA, let alone the War on Terror is a laughable prospect at best. It was never spared a moments villification from Vietname through the latter stages of the Cold War. Democrats couldn't cut its budget fast or deep enough, aprticularly ex-presidential candidate John Kerry. Yet, we're supposed to believe that "Bush lied, people died" but they will be quick to forget that Bush relied on the CIA, especially Clintons handpicked director, George "It's a slam dunk" Tenet.

This is why the house needs to be cleaned.

UPDATE: Via Instapundit via QandO Blog: As the bunny predicted--again--the Left has changed its position concerning the suits at Langley; check out QandO's collection of moonbat rantings. The once satanic CIA has now become the sacrosanct CIA, but that's only because they oppose whatever GWB 2.0 happens to be doing at the moment.

QandO helpfully documents that it was Clinton's binge and purge policy of 1994 that gave us the CIA as we see it today. As The American Spectator notes with righteous indignation:

FOR MANY MONTHS, the CIA bureaucrats have been conducting a rather noisy mutiny against the Bush administration. Leak followed leak, each timed and designed to embarrass the president. Portions of National Intelligence Estimates were leaked to bolster the idea that the administration corrupted intelligence reports to justify the Iraq war. Never mind that NIE's are some of the most sensitive documents we ever create. They did their best to leak things designed to give credence to Amb. Joe Wilson's attacks on the President. Wilson went to Niger, drank tea with a few cronies, and returned to claim that Mr. Bush lied when he said Saddam had tried to buy yellowcake uranium there.

The leaks and attacks grew to book length when one CIA officer -- Michael Scheuer -- anonymously penned Imperial Hubris, and then published it with permission of CIA bigs. Scheuer's book argues that we are losing the war against terrorists and that the Iraq war is "a sham causing more instability than it prevents."

In truth, most of these guys should be fired for poor performance. They didn't see that the Soviet Empire was about to fall before it did in 1989 and got pretty much everything that counted wrong ever since. They didn't uncover the A.Q. Khan nuclear proliferation network or foresee 9/11. Then-DCI George Tenet told the president that the case against Saddam's WMD programs was a "slam dunk." And, thanks mainly to them, we have pretty much no damned clue about Islamic radicals' strength in Turkey, what Putin is going to do in Chechnya, or just how close the mullahs in Tehran are to having the ability to produce nuclear weapons.

With this shake-up in the President's second term maybe we can get really serious about killing bad people.


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