Thursday, November 18, 2004

Cuz Logos Make You Look Smarter

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NEW POLICY: The picture of Saddam throne room (right) is the new official logo for all postings related to vindicating the US decision to got to war against Saddam's ex-regime.

Now some will say, "But it's just a photo of one of Saddam's obsessions, Mr. Snuggle Bunny; why do you feel so strongly about it? After all you have photos of Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin on your computer, and the dashboard of your car, and your refrigerator, and your..."

Let us go back to Art Appreciation 101 and deconstruct this monstrous vision.

First of all this is from one of the palaces Saddam built with the money he looted from the UN's Oil-for-Food program. While his people were starving Old Europe and the UN are dipping in the graft while moralizing to the US about the inhumanity of our policies. This is a stark reminder of their hypocrisy underscored by their blatant corruption.

Second, that's a throne made of gold. Granted, I don't really expect to hear from the limosine liberals like Moore, Kennedy, and Hollywood Inc. but darn it you would expect the bedraggled, French smelling hippies to condemn such regal opulence! The notion that we should have left sanctions in place indefinitely so Saddam could sit his festering carcass on gold while his people scraped for rotten food and expired medicines leaves the "war hurts innocent people" movement morally bankrupt.

Thirdly, did I mention this was a throne in a palace? People attempt to feel superior by bellowing Bush is trying to create an empire, yet when they see a meglomaniacal @$$bag with a real throne in a real palace all they can worry about is whether checking him for lice is cruel and unusual treatment. This nutcase really did expect people to only approach the throne by his leave to listen to his decrees and edicts as he ruled by his good pleasure, like some petulant child holding court and really believing himself to be a king. Yet, we're the ones who supposedly weren't level-headed enough to come to a peaceful conclusion.

Fourth, Saddam was maintaining imagery of fantasies he was not allowed to have. No seriou person can look at that mural and expect us to believe that once sanctions were lifted Saddam would not return to researching WMD. This photo proves he was determined to achieve that goal. We wanted to stop Saddam BEFORE he got those missiles and we did. Onl;y a fool would look at this photo and believe that Saddam would have looked at this mural every day for the rest of his life and

Fifth, it is an image of a massive strike, not one or two missiles but enough to fill the sky. Saddam dreamed of bringing untold devastation to his enemies; a ruin from which they would never recover.

Sixth, it is an image of a first strike. No one would glorify a retaliatory strike wherein your country was already ruined. This is an image of a strike against enemies not yet fully realizing they would be at war with Saddam or worse naively thinking themselves safe or even at peace--someone like the US or Israel.

The BAFFLErs may have been willing to trust Saddam's good intentions in the name of world peace, but this picture makes it quite plain that Saddam never considered good intentions or world peace, only what pleased him. I would never trust the lives of my family, friends, countrymen and allies to such a madman.

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words; I say this picture is worth a thousand UN resolutions authorizing the use of force.


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