Friday, November 19, 2004

Jim McDermott, Call Your Office

Congressman Jim McDermott is in trouble with the law--again. It seems he was disclosing the contents of unwittingly yet unlawfully obtained wiretaps to the media in an attempt to discredit political rivals. Well, the congressman has decided to appeal the decision saying his invasion of privacy for purposes of political spite is a 1st Amendment right.

Who is Jim McDermott you ask? Who cares? If not for his antics as a congressman he'd be just another crank at a “Not In Our Name” rally. Yet, he is here and he is here to stay until the constituents in Washington’s 7th district come to their better senses. Of course the 7th District is also home of that soggy city that maintains a statue honoring Vladimir I. Lenin so it may be some time before the Cattle-from-Seattle come to their better senses.

McDermott first came to serious national attention by flying to Baghdad in the weeks leading up to Operation: Iraqi Freedom. From the soil of a hostile nation the congressman told the American people that President Bush was fabricating lies about poor innocent Saddam to obtain WMD so as to whip up pre-election support. As the mural behind Saddam’s throne of gold reveals, WMD was no passing fancy for Saddam, but an ingrained obsession.

And what was the penalty imposed by the neo-con dictator Bush upon the noble congressman? Absolutely nothing. In fact the White House released a statement saying, “The president welcomes their opinions... But as he said...he is confident that we will be able to work out with Congress a bipartisan resolution." What a fascist bastard.

In one of those truly inconvenient moments Baghdad Jim had to return $5,000 given to McDermott’s legal defense fund by Iraqi businessman, Shakir al-Khafaji. It seems had close financial ties to Saddam Hussein. How close? You remember that whole UN Oil-for-Food dust up we may have mentioned? It seems the businessman was in the business of receiving 270 oil vouchers. Al-Khafaji also paid $400,000 for a documentary by former weapons inspector (but current pedophile) Scott Ritter to tell us Saddam really wasn’t a meglo-maniacal bastard, just a misunderstood bastard. Oh yeah, and Mr. Al-Khafaji also paid for Mr. McDermott’s trip to Baghdad. It’s one of those easily misconstrued things that could cause benighted neo-cons think there were shenanigans going on.

With no sense of irony or hypocrisy, the congressman who is today convicted of illegal wiretaps wrote a screed entitle Fear Factory about, "the deputies of the Bush Terror Posse -- Donald Rumsfeld, Tom Ridge and John Ashcroft." We are to be warned that Bush shall surely establish a freedom and civil liberty obliterating world empire in two short presidential terms. It evens has the obligatory comparison to Nazi Germany! Well, we can only imagine what the congressman would say had Ashcroft illegally tapped Mr. McDermott's phone and decided to publicly release the transcripts.

This monument to pandering informs us that every terror alert that doesn’t result in a body count is merely an attempt to keep us fearful and thus dependent upon The Bush Terror Posse. That’s right, folks, al Quaeda no longer entertains any notion of striking at the US. Of course we can’t help but wonder if the constant unsubstantiated ranting that the Bush Administration is trying to keep us fearful and dependent might be designed to keep us fearful and thus dependent upon Mr. McDermott. We are warned that any day now all Arab men between 18 and 45 will be rounded up and incarcerated. I personally find that hard to believe seeing as there are so many blue-staters slated for internment once the national supply of Prozac runs dry.

Congressman McDermott was also pretty certain we had a bead on Saddam Hussein long before we picked up December 13, 2003, but were waiting for the right political moment. Surely such deep insight into a world as supposedly hostile and cloistered as the Bush White House we can only assume that McDermott would have been a shoe-in for CIA director for the Kerry administration had the errant Catholic’s presidential candidacy not suffered a later-term abortion at the hands of the morally-offended American electorate.

But the congressman’s most disturbing behavior comes from his affiliation with, a moonbat clearinghouse website that loudly proclaims that the attack on 9/11 was really a conspiracy fabricated by Bush, whom we all know is puppet for the CIA which is of course run by—you guessed it—the Jews. On their on website we are told, “On Monday, October 6, 2003 activists in Seattle presented Congressman Jim McDermott with 87 one billion Deception Dollar notes [featuring the face of Bush with the numbers 9-11 as the denomination] along with a poster. On October 8, Mr. McDermott presented the special edition Deception Dollars and the poster to Congress.” The congressman features a transcript of his remarks on his own website.

That’s not all little Jimmy has done, but it’s all we have the space and stomach to recount. We’ll be watching the appeal to see if this whole 1st Amendment argument pans out. In the meantime we would like to say, “Congressman McDermott, please call your office…

“We’d like to exercise OUR 1st Amendment rights.”


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