Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Liberals Unhinged, Part 3

I'll keep posting these as long as the lefties keep giving them to me.

House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-Centauri Nebula) declares:
What we hope to accomplish this afternoon at the meeting with Senator Kerry and Senator Reid is saving civilization as we know it today, as we go into the next election.
Uh-huh. Bush, is a threat to civilization. Islamic fascism is a nuisance, but Bush can unravel the last two millenium of human achievement in 8 short years. And yet they call him an under-achiever.

Meanwhile, lots of blue staters want to secede from the union. Hey, Massachusetts, don't make me come up there! I don't care if Bruce and Reginald have already registered their china pattern, if you try to secede there will be changes!

Other Kerry supporters--sorry, anti-Bush voters--need therapy. It's not like we ever accused them of being bastions of mental stability.

Of course there are conspiracy theories flying through the air like clay pigeons..and they're being shot down just as easily. However, what I do find distressing is this blurb nestled within the article:
Nevertheless, many people have devised various theories, including stories of voters in largely Democratic counties in Florida whose votes were changed for Bush, phantom voters in Ohio and exit polls showing John Kerry in the lead that were truer than the final tally. Off the record, many Democratic strategists dismiss such allegations, but they also know such resentment can be channeled for political use in the future.
Despicable. It's not like they didn't try to terrorize people with fraudlent stories of stolen elections this time around, and it failed. Now with an even clearer mandate for Bush they still want to peddle this bilge. NEWS FLASH: If your house is built upon lies it will crumble.


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