Friday, November 12, 2004

Liberals Unhinged, Part 4

This is truly sad and disturbing:

Three zoo school students face charges for using a bat to beat another student who taunted them about being John Kerry supporters days after the contentious election.

The 17-year-old Apple Valley victim was assaulted Thursday in a Minnesota Zoo parking lot near Apple Valley's School of Environmental Studies, better known as the zoo school. Chad McKay, also 17, stood over the victim attempting to protect him.

The argument began earlier in the day Thursday with a discussion about candidates the minors had supported for president, [County Attorney James] Backstrom said. The two victims supported President Bush.

Chad [McKay] said later in the afternoon when he and the victim were walking to their cars they heard their three senior classmates yelling at them, according to the police report. Chad got to his car, but the three 17-year-olds attacked the victim, he said, hitting him in face, including with a baseball bat and kicking him. One boy had a padlock wrapped around his finger, Chad said.

The juvenile with the bat was charged with second-degree assault, a felony. Another was charged with misdemeanor fifth-degree assault for fighting and a third with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Shall we blame the parents?

Even sicker is a the man that called the Michael Medved radio show saying, not only did he approve of this attack but he preferred to see outright armed conflict in the US. His most disturbing comment was that even though he figured Republicans were better armed he wouldn't mind dying if it meant he could take a few out before he was killed.

Please explain to me which party is filled with hate-mongers and which party looks out for the innocent.

(Hat tip: PowerLine, Ace of Spades and Pull On Superman's Cape)


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