Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Middle of the End

With Fallujah denied to the terrorists the jihadists have attempted to respond with a series of ineffectual attacks and raids. Without a secure base of operations the terrorists are suffering. I cannot help be feel a true turning point has been reached. The series I was writing called The Beginning of the End no longer seems accurate. I am certain we face dangers, trials and perhaps an unpleasant surprise or two but we have passed a significant milestone.

I'm not link heavy today because I've been pulling many double-shifts and frankly I am tired, but on my bunny-honor I swear this is all on the up and up. Some of the more interesting developments to emerge since Fallujah was liberated are:

In a significant development of political resolve the police chief of Mosul has been sacked for abandoning his post. Cowardice has been an Arab trait for centuries because tribal loyalty and personal gain are considered more important than duty. It seems the Iraqi government has decided the Western traits of duty, honor and service aren't so bad after all and sure gets better results than dereliction of duty. So peeved was the government of the chief's behavior he was arrested after he was discharged; a warning to his colleagues and successors to be certain.

Mosques are being raided. Weapons are being found and clerics are being arrested. The Iraqi government has taken the unequivocating step of treating those who incite terror as being as morally and legally culpable a the terrorists themselves. This is a precedent in the Middle East and a very encouraging sign. This is another sign of political resolve that tells the jihadists they can no longer exploit our sense chivalry and decency.

The Council of Sunni Clerics that called for a boycott of the January 30, 2005 elections to protest the cleansing of Fallujah are feeling the heat. Two of the council's leading clerics have been assassinated in as many days by masked gunmen. Although snuggle bunnies disapprove of vigilante justice it is an interesting development that the conventional wisdom that says the Arab street will rise up against the Americans if we are too heavy-handed seems to have failed here. It seems the Arab street has risen up against the clerics calling for jihad. The Terrorists are now the terrorized. I can't help but wonder if the council will be backing off of its demands sometime in the near future.

Al Zarqawi has been spotted moving through Mosul in an ambulance and is believed to be wounded. Without a real safe haven he won't be releasing any beheading videos anytime in the near future. Most Iraqi hate al Zarqawi because he kils more Iraqis than he kills infidels. Putting $25 million on his head makes dropping a dime one heck of a great return on an investment. He's running.

Some have commented that Fallujah was merely one big wargame, an experiment in urban combat tactics. Wargame for which city we might ask...Tehran?

More to come.

UPDATE: We nabbed an insugent bigwig, which goes to underscore the problems these idiots are going to have without a secure base of operations such as they lost in Fallujah.


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