Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mr. Snuggle Bunny Spouts Off

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Dear Anti-War Type Person,

Many in your camp have dismissed any moral equivalence to the war in Iraq (or even the entire War on Terror) to World War II. I'm told that Germany, while innocent of the attack on Pearl Harbor, was an imminent threat while Saddam was not. Germany, I'm reminded, actually sent U-Boats and sabouteurs to US territory...oh yeah, and Hitler said mean things about us too.

While Germany did declare war on the US it lacked the power projection to actually attack us while dealing with the UK and a restless Stalin. At the time we declared war on them the US for the most part was wholly ignorant of Germany's malicious plans such as the fact that U-Boats were off our coastline until the war was well and truly joined and the sabouteurs were never known until after the war, so these are merely facts of hindsight not justifications at the time. The fact of the matter is we declared war on Germany the same time we declared war on Japan because we knew that while Aryan racism and militant Shintoism--much like secular Ba'athism and Islamic Wahabism--had damn few things in common the one thing they did have in common was a love of warfare, destruction and they were slaughtering innocent people by the hundreds of thousands. So too with al Quaeda and Iraq. Yes, al Quaeda attacked us on 9/11. No, Iraq had no operational part in it. However, we know this about Saddam:

Compare this laundry list to U-Boats off the American coast and a few sabouteurs. The above list is incomplete, only what I could remember off the top of my head and doesn't even include what Saddam did to his own people, only the threat he posed to the US and our allies. In the midst of all this and so much more I am awestruck to know that some people think Saddam would/could have been harmlessly contained. Supposedly the Aug 6th Presidential Daily Briefing in and of itself was supposed to have been warning enough to avert 9/11, giving rise to a cacophony of "Bush knew" conspiracy theories repeated by everyone from your run-of-the-mill moonbat all the way up to Democratic presidential candidate Howard "the Scream" Dean. Yet, all the above evidence is not enough to mollify those who claim Saddam never meant us harm?!?!?!?

What is so bad about removing Saddam even though we didn't find stockpiles of anthrax (assuming said stockpiles weren't shipped to Syria)? I'd rather be forced to say, "Oops, no stockpiles, but at least the rape rooms are closed" than have to say in the year two-thousand-something "Oops, a radiological bomb went off in Chicago and Saddam bought the plane tickets for the operatives." Intelligence failures maybe, but mistake--never. Me personally, assuming only for the sake of argument that the US was wholly erroneous about WMD being the reasons for removing Saddam I would still consider OIF one of the happiest accidents to have ever occurred. It is an accident that is forcing the terrorists of the world to commit men and materiel to places like Fallujah where they are being systematically eliminated and discredited, instead of spreading out over the globe to attack us and our allies.

What we have here is an argument over how much of a threat Saddam posed. Does failing to meet "direct threat" criteria (whatever that may entail, assuming my incomplete list is insufficient) mean the US was not justified in removing Saddam and that Saddam should legally remain in power to this day? Let's face it, either we take him out or we don't. To say "we should not have gone into Iraq" yields exactly the same material and moral result as saying, "Saddam Hussein should still be ruling the Iraqi people."

Is the only thing that qualifies as a direct threat the ability to land 10 mechanized divisions on US soil? Yet, Saddam was maintaining a WMD research capability and supporting terrorists that have struck the US and its allies. How does that NOT qualify as a direct threat? Do we wait until Saddam has intercontinental ballistic missiles like the ones pictured behind his gold throne? Why wait for him to actually develop that capability? When does a threat become direct: planning, financing, assembling, deployment, or execution? Considering what is listed above, Saddam was involved in numerous acts, both direct and through subsidiary groups, that are recognized acts of war. That he endured 12 years past Gulf War 1.0 is a tribute to the feckless mundacity of realpolitik and weak stomachs.

Don't snivel that the UN didn't authorize this action, they did--17 times. Resolution 1441, like so many resolutions before it, promised "serious consequences" should Saddam fail to fully cooperate with inspectors. Not make us hunt for stuff, but he himself make proactive and verifiable efforts to prove he was disarmed. Yet, as I already listed above Hans Blix, a critic of the war, said himself that Saddam was obfuscating. If Saddam was being duped by his own scientists or he was attempting to bluff Iran it is still his fault for not coming clean. He's not entitled to the benefit of the doubt, he has too much blood on his hands and his animosity to the US is too great for him to have ever been trusted. But I reiterate: missing stockpiles aren't proof positve of innocence. Many believe, such as Lt Gen Michael DeLong, that Saddam sent his WMD to Syria.

However, resolutions or not the UN does not get the last word on when a sovereign nation like the US is allowed to wage war. Don't say the congress did not authorize the war, they did. Don't say it sets a bad precedent in global relations. From China in Tibet to France in the Ivory Coast other nations do whatever they damned well please with a helluva lot less justification and none of the public affairs projects America is so famous for.

Don't tell me the jihadis use Iraq as a justifcation to hate us, they hate us because we aren't them and I wouldn't want to be like them. Helping them expel the Soviets from Afghanistan, liberating Kuwait, foreign aid to Egypt, protecting muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo have not stopped the twisted fantasies and sermons of hatred. They don't need Saddam as a martyr to hate us.

They hated long before March 2003. Through numerous hijackings and kidnappings they have hated us. They hated us over Lockerbie Scotland, the Marine barracks in Beirut, the Berlin discos, the first WTC attack in 1993, the African embassy bombings, the Tehran embassy seizure, airport shootings, Mogadishu, Black September, PLO, PLA and countless other organizations abusing every letter of the alphabet leaving bombed school busses and blood-spattered pizzerias in their wake.

They hate us because their entire civilization is a corrupt failure, incapable of even drawing out the oil that makes them so rich earthly rich while being morally bankrupt without foreign labor doing it for them. That oil is then sold to foreigners because tehy keep their own populations to impoverished to afford the acoutriments of a modern society. Then they spend that wealth on luxuries produced by--yep foreigners. They produce no scientific contributions, philosophical dialogue or even petty industrial wares. Their visions of a world caliphate are stymied by militaries as vast as the US or as quantitatively insignificant as Israel. They watch enviously as America prospers while they simply sit and rot in their stagnant 7th century daydreams.

Others say we should only act defensively, stay home, mind our own business and not carry the fight to those who would do us harm. What shall we do then? To protect ourselves we would have armed guards, bomb-sniffing dogs, security checkpoints dappled throughout our cities. Airports, train stations, shopping malls, schools, courthouses, athletic stadiums, power stations, nuclear power plants, hospitals, factories, financial districts and many other parts of everyday life would have to be guarded. The cost in raw dollars would be crippling, the flow of everyday life would be stifled and those that whine loudest about fascist conspiracies or degradation of civil liberties would be near apoplectic. Yet, these are the ones who complain loudest about taking the fight to those who started it. I know I don't want armed troops patrolling our streets, better thay should be in Fallujah--that's why we have a military in the first place.

Are you people envious that GWB actually does what he says, realpolitik be damned? You complain about the realpolitik that had us supporting Iraq against Iran following the Iranian seizure of the US embassy in 1979. OK, fine, now we're paying for our complicity, cleaning up our mess of 20 years ago while thwarting the cynical machinations of France, Germany, Russia and China in the here and now that sold rancid food for obscene oil profits under UN sanction regimes. Oh yeah, and we're leaving 26 million people with the freedom to govern themselves without force or fraud.

You can't call this a war for empire because empires don't build schools and electrical grids for the conquered populations or allow them to open 200+ unsupervised newspapers. It isn't a war for oil or oil companies, we have plenty in ANWR and off our coasts--or he could have done like the French and became Saddam's buddy. Bush isn't getting rich, because in a nation where a president can't get a blow-job without it becoming front page news the moonbats have failed to produce anything other than morbid fantasies.

After listening to 19 months of erroneous doomsongs about stalled offensives, masses of refugees and the quicksand of urban warfare the only thing the anti-war crowd has demonstrated is they are absolutely ignorant and/or hoping for the worst. Your prognostications are consistently wrong, why should I listen to anything you have to say?

For all the evils I have listed about Saddam you rant that GWB is as bad if not worse. How? America spend more time worrying and risking the lives of its soldiers to avoid accidently chipping a few tiles off the Iman Ali shrine in Najaf while the thugs deliberately hide in those same shrines for propaganda purposes while deliberately torturing people and deliberately bomb children receiving candy. Yes, war is bad and yes innocents get hurt but if we wanted to hurt innocent people you would damn sure know it because we can flatten entire cities in 1 day from 50,000 but we don't because--why?--WE DON'T WANT TO HURT INNOCENT PEOPLE IF WE CAN AVOID IT! Even risking our own troops to if need be. Try getting that out of Saddam, or even a Jacque Chirac. Once the terrorists are defeated the killing will stop which means innocent people will no longer run the risk of being accidently hurt. If you have your way the terrorists will win and innocent people will be deliberately hurt because they will be targeted for terror or subjected to the abuse of tyrants. Is this the social justice you speak of?

We're supposed to believe that had we just maintained sanctions which the French, Germans, Russians and Chinese were violating and which only hurt common Iraqis, everything would be OK. We're supposed to believe that all those firings on US warplanes were something just shy of innocent college pranks, that had Saddam actually gotten lucky he wouldn't have tried to hold a downed US pilot as a hostage. We're supposed to believe that Saddam, being boxed in and neutralized would never conspire with al Quaeda or any other extra-national entity to attack his most hated rival, the US. We're supposed to wave off the blood money paid for homicide bombers because its only Israel and not us. We're supposed to believe that the people who protest the war merely want a better world, but all they do is bleat and bray while real people crush the tyrants and are genuinely improving the lives of those that have suffered.

Keep bleating and braying, it means nothing because you do nothing, because you believe in nothing, you only complain. You haven't stopped 1 single terrorist, let alone a single terrorist attack. Spain capitulated and the terrorists still plot against them. You haven't built any schools. You haven't done anything to make the world better except whine that the US isn't paying enough of other people's money to global welfare statism. At the end of the day you did not stop the war, you cannot stop the war and real people are out there killing the terrorists, humiliating their diseased ideology that God is on their side all the while replacing torture chambers with hospitals (a Christian invention, if I may note) and schools for children looking forward to lives of peace.

On the contrary you probably helped bring about the war you sought to avert. Saddam gambled that the peace protesters would stymie the political will to remove him. You bleating, braying masses deluded Saddam into thinking he could outlast the US. You provided him the centerpiece of his strategy. Now bin Laden is counting on peace protesters as well. I guess, in a way, you have contributed. Some say you embolden our enemies, true enough but you are also causing them to make critical strategic blunders and hence leading them to their dooms. Good job, we couldn't have done it without you.

Know this, America is the only nation in the history of humankind that has invested its treasure and the lives of its sons and daughters to take the time to train its troops in civil affairs and humanitarian aid. No other nation has the wealth to do so. No other nation has the moral clarity. A US servicemember can be killing terrorists in Mosul one week and distributing toys and school books the next. Each one of those servicemembers, those nameless thousands, have done more to end the evil they see and bring forth goodness it its place than the hundreds of thousands of pseudo-pacifists marching for peace that leaves dictators in power. The troops have all given up comfort and ease and time with their families. Many have been maimed, many have paid the ultimate price; yet they believe in what they're doing. More importantly they are doing SOMETHING and it is paying dividends that will be felt a hundred years from now. Try getting a peace protester to risk life and limb for--well--anything.

Apart from losing the 2004 election what have you done? What do you do now? What will you do?


I thought so.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo and awesome. I am an Indian and we here face quite a few enemies like you guys are now facing. You have every right to protect yourself and inspite of the casualties in iraq, I think the marines are doing a terrific job in iraq. Actually the statement you made - "better an intelligence failure about WMD's, than a fatal mistake" makes perfect sense cuz you cant take a risk when you are dealing with people like these, and I know that.
Sometimes it feels like those whacko jihadis are everywhere (y'know there was once a newspaper report of kashmiri jihadis being nabbed in iraq ). I feel there is a huge and dangerous network which nobody, including the protesters, understands.
Maybe India should pitch in but we have enough trouble already and we really cant forget what happened in Sri Lanka in '89. Maybe if there is enough evidence linking the Kashmir based Jihadis and Iraq, our army would get involved.

January 30, 2005 at 7:08 AM  
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