Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Not Just A War, But A Just War

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Coalition troops battling insurgents in Iraq have discovered chemical weapon test kits in the possession of the insurgents that had active samples of Sarin, a particularly nasty nerve agent. The kits appear to be Russian in origin. It is believed the insurgents were attempting to weaponize then samples. The story to watch here is how the insurgents came by these samples and how they would have had the expertise to weaponize the samples. I'm laying odds that both questions will find the answer to be that Saddam was retaining materials and capabilities that were prohibited by the 1991 ceaefire agreement and the subsequent 17 UN resolutions demanding he disarm from all WMD. Those in charge of his covert programs that escaped capture during the 2003 war have insinuated themselves into the insurgency and thus the dots will be connected.

Pictures and an article.

UPDATE: NPR maintains that these are sarin antidote kits with no offensive military application. However, what they fail to explain is why the jihadists would need antidote kits when they know that Americans won't use sarin.


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