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Plug 'Im Again Skippy

Plug 'Im Again Skippy
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Marine Corps Basic Training: $85,000

M16A2 Assault Rifle: $750

One round of 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket: 8 cents

Keeping some throat-slitting, head-cutting, mosque-hiding, fake-surrendering, booby-trapping, wife-beating, baby-killing jihadist crapwad from blowing up you and your buddies: PRICELESS

OBSERVATION: Have you watched the video? For those seeking to frame this incident as the unlawful use of force, or more ridiculously as murder, allow me to point out that the marine who killed the jihadi first yells out a warning to his comrades. He repeats himself and then when a fellow marine affirms that the jihadi is in fact breathing the marine hesitates a moment further before firing the fatal shot.

These are not the actions of a crazed killer, randomly gunning down whomever he may; it was a deliberate and calculated act. Morevoer, it is an act of restraint that the young hero sought confirmation before he fired. Someone bent on killing for killing's sake would not have shouted a warning or waited for a second opinion, he would have merely fired.

It should also be noted that other jihadis in the room were not killed. Further evidence that raw murder or unprovoked executions--similar to the kind perpetrated by the jihadists themselves--was never a motivating factor.

I am willing to hazard a guess that says when it become known thast the jihadists were booby-trappy bodies and blowing themselves up after faking surrender that the marines were told to watch for people feigning injury and that some of the warning signs were lying very still while trying to minimize visibile signs of breathing.

UPDATE: Many other people have covered this story. They have admirably pointed out that the insurgents in Fallujah were given to numerous unlawful behaviors. What annoys me the most is the vacant hypocrisy of those taking such dubious pleasure from this story.

First of all, the Blame America First & Forever Liberal Elites (BAFFLE for short) would seemingly impose an unprecedented degree of restraint upon our armed forces. Instead of being warriors our military would be hamstrung with ridiculous rules that would say that the poeple trying to kill them deserve more benefit of the doubt than the people trying to kill their brothers in arms. What next? Should we Mirandize each jihadist before we engage? Should lawyers run the battlefield before generals?

Second, for all of the angst we are supposed to feel over the deaths of US military personnel, ala the collage of President Bush made up of the photos of service members killed in OIF appearing on Michael Moore's website (no, I won't provide a link), the BAFFLErs would rather see marines take the chance at being blown-up. Apparently the life of a jihadist war criminal are more important than a young marine serving his country and helping the Iraqis build a nation free of terror.

Third, the hypocrisy of the BAFFLEr's becomes truly pronounced when you remember that the man that was supposed to save America from the horrors of "Bush's Iraq"--John Kerry, pretty much did the same damn thing February 20, 1969 when he shot a wounded and fleeing VC. The jihadist had the marines with him in an enclosed room; thus no chance for any of the marines to escape if worse came to worse. Kerry on the other hand shot a man from behind as that man was fleeing in an open area. Who was in more immediate danger, who had a lesser margin for error? If anything the BAFFLErs owe this kid a silver star and a presidential nomination.

UPDATE: As if by Providence we have this coincidental, but unrelated historical tidbit in the 11/18/2004 edition of the NRO:

Consider the story of Henry Tandey, a British infantryman in the Duke of Wellington Regiment in the First World War. On September 28, 1918, Tandey participated in an attack against enemy trenches near the small French town of Marcoing. The British carried the day, and as they advanced, Tandey Cautiously peered into a trench. He saw an enemy soldier, a corporal, lying bleeding on the ground. It would have been easy for Tandey to finish off his enemy, as he had killed many that day; Tandey had played an heroic role in the battle and later was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest wartime decoration, for his great courage. But he felt it was wrong to shoot an injured man, and he spared the corporal's life.

In 1940, during the Nazi bombardment of Coventry, when Tandey worked as a security guard at the Triumph automobile factory, he gnashed his teeth. "Had I known what that corporal was going to become! God knows how sad I am that I spared him." The corporal was Adolf Hitler. Tandey's human gesture had led to the deaths of millions of people and, in a bitter irony of military destiny, had placed his own life at the mercy of the monster whose life he could have taken.

Now, granted the dead jihadi was not very likely to have become the next Adolf Hitler, but it does go to illustrate all this hand-wringing is merely fabricated moral angst.

UPDATE: Sign the online petition to voice your concern for this young marine's well-being.



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