Monday, November 08, 2004

Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition

Today in the Reader Mail section of The American Spectator we read:
Morality and ethics are not exclusive to Republicans of any religion. There are millions of Atheists, many of them Republicans, with moral and ethical standards that far surpass what I see from so many right-wing "so called" religious Americans.

George W. Bush, and his Master Puppeteers, made sure that the "REAL" issues were never addressed and that his so-called morality, and the threat of "TERROR," were pushed down the throats of millions of Americans until they were whipped up in a frenzy of outrage against nothing but a sleazy "parlor trick." What scares me is that the last time a deception of this magnitude worked was in Nazi Germany with another nut-case named Adolph Hitler.

You, and your religious-fanatic supporters, scare a huge majority of this county to death and we cannot understand your support of George W. Bush, who appears to a vast number of Americans to have few moral or ethical standards.

I hope YOUR God, who bears absolutely no resemblance to the God I was raised to believe in, can help preserve this country from George W. Bush, who may turn out to be remembered as our first "war criminal" President."

A Party On Its Knees." YOU GOT IT RIGHT! We are on our knees praying to protect America from the religious fanatics in this country and their warped agenda to push their fanatical beliefs down the throats of all the people of the
world. Sounds like Nazi Germany again!

By-the-way, what happened to the "separation of Church and State?" Guess that is another little issue Mr. Bush can take care of for you when he gets his chance to revamp the Supreme Court!

-- Stephanie Snyder

To which I had to write in and respond (and yes, I did plagarize one of my own paragraphs to Maureen Dowd):

For shame! You guys obviously printed the letter from M(r)s. Stephanie Snyder, just to bait your loyal readers into responding. Okay, I’ll bite, even though this is too easy.

Her first complaint is that she implies that we within the GOP claim morality and ethics as our sole purview. We don’t. It would be nice if we could count on Democrats to stop excusing perjuring adulterers, indiscriminate abortion and even stop making all of us —ahem—bend over backwards for gay marriage. We would like to believe that the DNC would stop trying to ethnically cleanse all mention of our Judeo-Christian heritage from public discourse and living memory. And yes, M(r)s. Snyder, I’m quite certain there are plenty of atheists in the GOP. I am also quite certain they were part of the President’s 4.7-million vote margin.

She then dips into ad hominem insults about the President being a puppet, so much for civil discourse. She wants “REAL” issues discussed, but she never tells us what constitutes “REAL” issues. Apparently “TERROR” isn’t a real issue. Instead, phony issues were “pushed down the throats of millions of Americans.” I’m sorry, are we talking about terrorism or are we back to gay marriage again?

But gay marriage would be a real issue and it was democratically shot down in flames by double-digit margins everywhere it appeared on a ballot. On issues real, unreal and surreal M(r)s. Snyder finds herself on the losing side. If a “REAL” issue refers to the economy, stupid, we just learned that the economy is clipping along at a 3.7 percent growth rate and it has added over 350,000 jobs, well in excess of all projections. It seems that issue is doing REAL good.

Of course no raving of non-descript character assassination would be complete without the obligatory “Bush is Hitler” canard. When the President says there are thousands of people loosely organized into small groups with the intent of wreaking death and destruction so as to economically and politically cripple the United States I actually believe him. The litany of terrorist atrocities is already far too familiar. If the letter writer has elected to ignore the ever-lengthening list of bombings and beheadings it is fully understandable that she would choose to elect the one man that wanted to treat these same thugs as a mere nuisance. The DNC should have run with the slogan, "Al Quaeda: It's nothing to lose your head over!"

M(r)s. Snyder might want to join the fight because I hear the terrorists do things like hurl homosexuals off of rooftops and beat women for showing too much ankle. In my most unfettered conservative fantasies I never imagined harming homosexuals and speaking of conservative fantasies, the more I see of Ann Coulter, ankles and all, the happier I am. M(r)s. Snyder should join us, because we are fighting for the same basic human dignities.

Yet, if I wanted to find an analogy of people who thought it was their historical Darwinistic destiny to master the world and who fabricated scurrilous allegations against people of a certain religious sect in frothing rants about how these zealots wanted to rule the world I would have to ask M(r)s. Snyder to look into the mirror. Bullets fired into GOP campaign headquarters, rocks thrown through windows, a staffer punch by a liberal college professor, tires slashed so GOP voters are denied transportation to cast their ballots and threatening broadcasters with federal sanction for daring to air unflattering programs strike me as the work of a political party to be feared. The liberals have been on one long, slow, arduous Kristallnacht ever since the campaign season went into high gear. Don’t even think about responding it’s merely “payback for 2000” you know full well that every investigation has shown there was neither voter intimidation or miscounts in 2000; it’s just a compensatory fantasy for having lost to a man you can’t even logically justify your hatred for.

By her own admission her hatred comes from feelings that Bush has, “few moral or ethical standards.” I’m sorry; I thought it was his moral and ethical standards that frightened you. I’m sure if the President gave unqualified support to siphoning the brains out of 8 and a half month old fetuses maybe you wouldn’t feel so scared, unless of course you were still a fetus; but alas, the President has decided that is his position and therefore he has signed legislation that was written by a duly elected legislature.

Which brings us to the crux of the problem. Both Bush and the GOP majorities of congress are duly elected. Your grievance isn’t with Bush its with 59-million-plus voters. We have a right to choose our leaders too--religious predilections notwithstanding. I’m sorry you lost, no wait, I’m not sorry, I’m glad we won—that’s why I voted for Bush in the first place. I wanted us to win and you to lose, that’s my right. It has been my Constitutional right long before, and will remain my right long after, the fad for federally funded abortions for gay men (why should they be denied that right over a mere accident of birth?) was a “REAL” issue.

You don't win elections by getting people to buy an ideology, you win because you represent what they already believe. If Iraq, and opposition to gay marriage and stem cell research got GWB 2.0 re-elected, it's because that is what the people wanted, not because Bush made them want it. It seems M(r)s. Synder is upset because Bush had the gall to give the people representative government. The conflict is not with the newly re-elected president, but with democracy and the right to choose one's leaders. Perhaps what she means is that people she disagrees with have no right to vote unless they vote only as she deems appropriate. Shall we re-visit the analogy of dictatorial autocrats?

Lastly, M(r)s. Snyder shoots her opening premise in the foot. She recites the context free declaration of separation of church and state, but if she maintains that morality and ethics fall within the purview of the Democrats than she must admit that these morals and ethics might come from a religious foundation. Shall we have more of Kerry’s hollow-ringing “I oppose abortion because of my faith but I support abortion because of my politics” tripe or shall we have a true believer? In the choice between which of his two masters to serve, John Kerry chose George “ Mammon” Soros. However, it is Bush’s status as a true believer that draws the most protests. If George Bush’s God doesn’t represent the God M(r)s. Snyder claims to know she is welcome to show me the Bible verse that would allow Saddam Hussein to continue brutalizing his people and supporting terrorism just because we failed to find WMD and opposing him might upset the French and the UN. Abraham Lincoln chose not to assume a nuanced position on the issue of slavery, even going so far as to shift the focus of an entire war from purely pragmatic reasons to a moral crusade that killed tens of thousands of people. For that we can only say, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”

Constitutionally, you lost M(r)s. Snyder. Constitutionally you’re welcome to try again in 4 years, and until then you are Constitutionally entitled to speak your mind…assuming you don’t lose it first

UPDATE: We wuz published! not the first time, but always fun when it happens.


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