Wednesday, November 17, 2004


The smoke over Fallujah has barely begun to clear and already the War on Terror is about to win a second strategic victory: the truth about the corruption behind the UN's Oil-for-Palaces-Terrorists-Weapons-and-Everything-but-Food Program is coming to light. Some details of items making the news...

The UN hired an independent private investigation firm to look into details about the corruption...and promptly ignored their findings.

The corruption was much deeper than we thought. If the original figure of $10 billion wasn't enough to make you choke, how about $21 billion...

...UN President Kofi Asinine is trying to worm his way out of it hoping to ignore the scandal to death...

...and a lot of that money went to pay blood money to the family of homicide bombers.

As a loosely related aside to this last point allow mw to direct you to this de-classified document from 1998 (that would be the Clinton years all you libs waxinf plaitively about Bush not connecting the dots from the vague Presidential Daily Briefing of August 6 2001). The document tells l'il Willy quite plainly that bin Laden (spelled ben Laden in the document) was intent upon creating a pan-Arab/Islamic world order capable of challenging the US.

Of interest is that page 4 list groups bin Laden gave financial support to. One of those groups is the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas (spelled Khamas); one of the chief perpatrators of homicide bombings. Yet more evidence of overlap between Saddam and bin Laden.


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