Sunday, November 14, 2004

When Hairy Met Sally

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Here, courtesy of the Protest Warriors Miami Chapter, is a picture contrasting a young Leftist female anti-war protester vs. a true patriot form Texas. Like comparing Molly Ivins to Michelle Malkin, there's no contest regardless of the measure used.

Here we have displayed two completely different mindsets. The cutie from Texas obviously takes care of herself. She's enough to make a liberal man switch political parties or even lifestyle orientation. Her appearance--how she comes across to others--matters and it shows. The Leftist can't even seem to trouble herself to shave her legs. She has decided that she's doesn't care what people think of her, and if they're shocked, so much the better; a rather judgmental and punitive mindset. Likewise it is hard to imagine her being interested in intimiate, personal relationships. She does nothing to make herself attractive or even comfortable for another person to be close to. If she were in a relationship would it be one where she strove to give to the other person's happiness or would she be more interested in a relationship that met the list of demands she has placed on her partner? Hard to tell, but I'm willing to lay money of the odds she has chosen a life hostile, self-isolation.

However, the irony of the situation comes from realizing that the young Leftist here is protesting America's military actions. She seems to think the War on Terror is unjust. Yet, if she had her way the jihadis would go unchallenged and she could find herself and her friends subsumed by Islamic sharia law. She would then very much find herself married, against her will, and she would be beaten for showing her legs in public--pale, flabby and unshaven though they may be.

The old addage is true: If not for cute chicks, ugly chicks wouldn't have anyone to ride with on Saturday nights.


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