Friday, December 10, 2004

Dems Field Presidential Candidates for 2032

A few soldiers have come out against the war in Iraq. It seems they don't like the fact that war is a violent act. Granted, violence is never good, but you would think they might have expected such possibilities when they enlisted in the the combat occupation of infantryman and added to their resume serving with the elite 82nd Airborne.

Agent-Francse Presse reports one young man is seeking political asylum--yes, as in a refugee--in Canada. It seems if he returns to the US he'll be prosecuted. Of course if he hadn't run to Canada he wouldn't be in danger of being prosecuted for running to Canada. Asylum is for what is for bad things that might happen if you stay in your own country.

But that is beside the point, or is it the point? No, the point is the media has taken a few isolated incidences of soldiers deserting their units and making statements disloyal to the US. Of course this is nothing new in military history in general or even American military history in particular. However, what is unique is the fact that a hundred years ago they would have been hanged.

My favorite line from the the AFP story:
But it has also raised fears that a positive ruling could spark a flood of US deserters across the border, as the toll of the Iraq war and occupation, which has already cost more than 1,000 US lives, deepens.

Flood of desertions? That would be AFP wishing out loud. fact of the matter is, morale in the Army remains high, 80% of the troops supported Bush for re-election and blogs such as Mudville Gazette, let you know what soldiers think about being.

The next liberal in soldiers clothing is one feckless little bastard who outright lied about killing an Iraqi child. He made up this story because he himself disapproved of the war.

But this all bodes well for the Democrats. Judging by their choice of candidate in 2004 the current crop of disloyal soldiers deserting their units and fabricating war stories is just who their looking for in 2032.


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