Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ethnic Cleansing Watch - America

The mania to expunge all mention of Christianity from American society always reaches a frothing apex during December. You can never NOT mention Christmas enough for the libs and the phenomenon has reached absurds heights this year. Jay Nordlinger over at NRO recieved a telling letter from one of his readers:

"Jay, I read your piece "December's C-Word," in which you wrote about my workplace, where all the holidays are called by name, except Christmas, which is referred to as 'December 25th.' This year, the situation is even more laughable. Since Christmas falls on the weekend, the page of our internal website was changed to read, 'December 25th (observed on December 24th in 2004).' What nonsense! Anyway, Merry Christmas to you."

Now the libs have even attempted to ban the very colors of the holiday.

As if that wasn't enough the supposedly respectable journals of Time and Newsweak (pun intended) ran anti-Christian slurs that in political-correct-speech can only be termed as "factually challenged." Fortunately there are scholars that are smart enough to know how to use the internet and they will not allow the affront to go unchallenged.

Of course, libs seem perfectly happy to teach us all about Islam, to assure us it isn't nearly as bad as all the bombings, hijackings and beheadings make it out to seem, but Christianity is right out. As one astute letter-writer observed:

I find it ironic that by declaring Christian symbols and ideas off limits but allowing other religious displays under the pretense of their being merely symbols of cultural diversity, not religious speech, they have in effect declared Chrisitianity as the only true religion! Who would have guessed that the folks at the ACLU were believers after all.


UPDATE: Apparently squirrels aren't as cuddly as Snuggle Bunnies, in fact they're pretty vulgar, however Foamy says what I think we're all wanting to say when we see this anti-Christmas bigotry from a vocal minority. Click the Parental Advisory icon to link to the page with Foamy the Squirrel and watch "Neurotically Yours."


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