Thursday, December 16, 2004

Iraq Update - 17 December 2004

So much good and interesting news. Where to start...

Belmont Club never disappoints to cover the deep ground.

Neither does It has a good breakdown of the issues in Iraq and a discussion of the "up armor" brouhaha (13 December 2004 entry).

Speaking of thick hides, NRO tackles the anti-Rumsfeld crowd.

Speaking of NRO, Jonah Goldberg explains why we shouldn't hold our breaths waiting for our much-vaunted EUseless allies.

The Blogosphere is starting to note what Snuggle Bunnies have been saying for months now: We're winning and the bad guys are feeling the heat.
One year ago, Al Qaeda believed they should work against the United States, rather than working to destabilize the Arab regimes. One year ago, Al Qaeda was focusing outward, rather than inward. One year ago, Al Qaeda believed in coexistence with the House of Saud.One year ago, Al Qaeda believed the Caliphate
could best be established by detente with the House of Saud, and War against the
United States. Today, Al Qaeda seeks detente with the US, and war against the
House of Saud.

(Hat tip: InstaPundit)

So much for the theory that invading Iraq was producing an unending supply of terrorists. Not doubt there was a surge in al Quaeda's recruiting efforts, but with the battles of Najaf, Samarra and Fallujah successfully concluded without a credible threat of insurgent counter-attack and the absolute failure to disrupt the just concluded Afghan elections we are beginning to see that al Quaeda has all but exhausted its strategic reserves.

Maybe the thugs will start killing each other now.

EUtopians are having second thoughts about bringing Turkey into their little love nest. (Hat tip: Rant Wraith)

The Iraqis are feeling pretty darned confident about this whole democracy thing.

As Drudge says: Developing...


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