Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mr. Snuggle Bunny's News In Briefs - 12/16/2004

Kojo's Mojo...
...ain't working. He denies conflict of interest and that he was involved in the Oil-for-Socialist-Thugs Program. Darned ol' paperwork says differently.

Make Up Your Minds
Bin Laden says the Saudis are a puppet-tool of the US government, the libs says the US belongs to the Saudis.

Then again, Michael Moore says bin Laden is a tool of the CIA, but bin Laden says the CIA is a front for the World Zionist Conspiracy (SM). So does that mean bin Laden, as a tool of the CIA is a really a puppet of the very Jews he claims to hate so much?

Now that's the conspiracy for me!

Because Saying "Pinochet" Makes Us Snicker
The American Spectator has an article about the upcoming trial of Augusto Pinochet (hee-hee) in Chile. The money quote:

Pinochet's political assassinations were not as numerous as those practiced by Soviet satellite countries. Nor was his war as bloody as General Francisco Franco's war against communists and other leftists in the 1930s, but it was brutal enough to offend civil libertarians everywhere, including me.Yet, like Franco, he did return his country to democracy. How many communists have done that? Moreover communism accounted for scores of millions of innocent victims in the twentieth century. Pinochet's regime allegedly accounted for 4,000, not all of them peace-loving progressives. How many has Fidel Castro murdered, tortured, and jailed? Today Castro remains a bloody tyrant and far more of a problem beyond his shores than the General with the absurd sun-glasses and the eighteenth century uniforms ever was.
Remember, They Were Called Dixie-crats For A Reason
Snuggle Bunny heart throb Ann Coulter, calls the liberals on their not-so-subtle racism, vis-a-vis Dr. Condolezza Rice and Justice Clarence Thomas. She's as sassy and incisive as ever, which is why we love her (sigh). Still, we have to ask: Is there any act of racism so debased, scurrilous and repugnant that even the supposedly enlightened liberals would repudiate it at first blush?

Apparently not.

Hope Marches On
The Weekly Standard has been keeping tabs on the liberalization of the Middle East. We're talking about the good liberalization here, not the bad kind. When I say liberalization here I'm talking about the appreciation of consensual government, respect for all human life and religious tolerance--not Democrats with their judicial activism, abortion and ethnic cleansing of Christians.

Go back to TWS frequently as this seems to have become a thing with them.

UPDATE: Col. Austin Bay, fresh from a stint in Iraq itself comments on The Coming Arab Revolt.


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