Friday, December 10, 2004

Thanking God for Our Enemies is attempting to stage a coup at the DNC.

First they were toying with the idea of Howard Dean for DNC Chairman (er, Chair-PERSON...forgot this is the PC crowd and we wouldn't want to say anything that would reveal the fact Howard Dean might be male). Now wants to be the DNC's driving force.

Am I the only neocon here laughing so hard he's about to pee himself?

Consider the fact that MoveOn was started to be a bogus "grassroots" campaign to make the country "Move On" to real business of the country instead of dealing with Clinton's lying under oath I find a delicious sense of irony. Now include the fact that the DNC is packed with the Clintons' personal cronies, chiefly Terry McAuliffe. Well, it appears the organization established to defend the Clintons is seeking to usurp the power the Clintons have so painstakingly established for themselves. Even Mary Shelley couldn't invent a monster capable of such treachery against its master.

Still, the press statement deserves parsing in it's own right.

In the statement, is carping about the DNC being in the pocket of big (and presumably soulless) corporations, yet they find no irony taking millions from George Soros, whose currency speculation--a form of trade that produces neither goods nor services--all but bankrupted the British pound threatening the British pension system. And they say Bush is a threat to Social Security?!?!?!

Yet, was money the reason Bush won? and other Democtratic/liberal 527's spent nearly $60 million on ads, while the SwiftVets spent less than $2 million. Similarly the MSM played up every anti-Bush angle from the Texas Air National Guard to missing Iraqi explosives, while they suppressed Kerry's Vietnam era conduct as long as possible. Kerry suffered the worst in the exchanges so methinks it is not a matter of money and exposure, but whether or not the issue is true.

It wasn't corporate money that cost the Dems the election--IT WAS THEIR IDEOLOGY!!! The American people were given a choice between extended tax cuts and a firm hand in Iraq...or John Kerry. When MoveOn-dot-disorganized ran ads showing America GI's sinking in a quagmire the American people ran to GWB 2.0. The libs refuse to question their own ideology. They say they lost because a majority (both popular and electoral) of Americans are Bible-thumping rubes, then they wonder if they can win the next election by quoting the Bible more often. They rail about greedy Republican corporatists but take money from Soros, then they damn those corporatists within their own camp.

Go ahead, dear flower children, fellow travellers (with lemmings?), refuse all the money and don't change the message. Keep your hostile tone, not only to us Red-staters, but curse the moderate Dems now as well. If you think you lost because the DNC isn't radically liberal enough for you (Kerry wasn't liberal enough?) then you should be twice as radical, twice as hysterically angry and twice as liberal as you were this past election. More gay marriage, more subservience to the UN, more partial birth abortion and more sympathy for dictators and terrorists. Chase all who do not accept your views out of the party then try again in 2008.

This is so good I'm sure Karl Rove has to be behind it some how.


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