Friday, January 21, 2005

It's Official: Leftists Fear, Hate Freedom

The Left here in the US and abroad are absolutely aghast about the President's mutiple references to spreading freedom during his inaugural speech. It seems the UC Berkley crowd (mis)interprets this to mean economic freedom to make money; and (for them) much worse:
When Bush said, "By making every citizen an agent of his or her own destiny, we will give our fellow Americans greater freedom from want and fear, "Whalen said, he was espousing the conservative ideal of the self-made person who doesn't need a government handout.

"He's essentially using it to say the days of New Deal policies (of government assistance) are over," said Whalen, who worked on George H.W. Bush's unsuccessful 1992 presidential campaign.

Actually what Bush means is that people should not be told by governments how to choose their religion (or absense thereof), their vocations, and more importantly their leaders.

Money is merely a small part of that equation. There is a correlation to the amount of money controlled by the government and its power. Thus our society espouses private property, the right of the citizen to tell the government, "no, you cannot have that."

It is indeed telling that the alarm sounded by the liberals is the citizenry enjoying enough prosperity to resign government imposed charity to history's ashbin. Does this mean a society can only be just if people are dependent upon government? Isn't the true benchmark of charity's efficacy determined by how many people do not require it?

Meanwhile, over in the land of the Essentially Useless, they fear that freedom means Bush is going to order the US military to kick the crap out of more dictatorships, namely Iran. They're trying to talk the mullahs out of building weapons to be used to incinerate Jews en masse and they seem to think the Iranians are willing to scrap this ambition with such certainty that apparently the thought of military force hasn't even crossed their minds.

To a point I can agree that they rightly fear democracy imposed across the globe by gunpoint will be a hollow democracy at best. However, they have so whipped themselves into a froth about Bush being some sort of bogeyman that they fail to realize that the Preisdent shares their concerns. We are not kicking in doors of tyrants simply because we can, we are acting in the best interests of the US because we are targets of these madmen and their proxies. The spread of freedom is to be used to ensure that once a threat is removed it does not re-emerge years later. We aren't going to spend money and sacrifice the best and brightest of our youth simply to watch what was sacrificed spoiled by leaving the institutions of despotism intact. In Afghanistan we had a "hands off" policy about who assumed power once the Soviets were sent packing. We wanted to allow teh warlords to sort things out for themselves. This mistaken sense of nobility lead to the rise of the Taliban and its subsequent granting of safe haven to al Quaeda and untold horror for its people.

Democracy and freedom are not the pinnacles of some human scheme to bring heaven to earth, they are mechanisms by which man's fallen nature and tendencies towards tyranny and abuse of his fellow citizen are held in check. We are not imposing Utopia, we are make our best effort to stave off inclinations towards Hell. When every man is given an equal say in his governance the ability of one man to dominate his peers is greatly impeded. Long ago one caveman rose and declared himself the king of the cave, two other cavemen looked at each other then dutifully rose moments later with sharp sticks in their hands and told him to settle down...or else. Thus was democracy born. This is the purpose of the construct found within our own Bill of Rights enshrined in the Constitution, and that is the document the President swore to uphold and defend.

Are we so aloof or so timid that we would deny others the right to guarantee the best future for themselves and their families? I cannot bring myself to say that other men should be left to crawl beneath the yoke of dictators while I breath free. You say it wrong to impose my beliefs? But dear fellow, it is the despot that has imposed his beliefs upon his subjugated masses. No, I shall not charge off to every corner of the world waging war, because as I said it woyuld make a hollow mockery of freedom. However, I shall never flinch from the tyrant who threatens my home or my comrades and for those who merely content themselves with petty fiefdoms I shall stand as an example of men living peaceably with his neighbor. That alone would serve as a strong inducement to stand up for one's self. But no man at anytime has ever been served by self-righteous apathy, which is what the Left is asking me to embrace.


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