Monday, January 10, 2005

With Senators Like These Who Needs Foreign Enemies

The President's nominee for AG, Alberto Gonzales, has survived being interrogated by the Democrats in the senate. Sometimes its hard to figure out which side the senators are on. Apparently Ted "Chappequiddick" Kennedy fails to see the irony of his complaining about the use of water-boarding interrogation techniques.

NRO has a good perspective on all this.

The bottom-line: These are not lawful, uniformed combatants, openly carrying arms while serving in a distinguishable military, of a known belligerent state. These are people who hide amongst and target civilians.

Liberal blogger Andrew Sullivan is wallowing in angst over interrogation techniques intended to humiliate everything the terrorists believe in:
One of the remarkable features of this whole disgusting phenomenon is the anti-Muslim techniques. We now have the use of sexual humiliation, rape, the force-feeding of pork, forcible pouring of liquor down an inmate's throat, wrapping someone in the Israeli flag, forcing inmates to kneel and pray and then kicking them in the head, and now placing duct tape over the mouth of someone reciting the Koran.

For all the grousing I've heard that the terrorist do not represent true Islam, that Islam is really a religion of peace, that jihad only means personal introspection instead "kill the Christians and Jews" you would think that Mr. Sullivan and company would be pleased that this so-called corrupted form of Islam is being shown as bereft of Allah's personal protections. If Allah is truly on their side would he allow them to be wrapped in an Israeli flag? If their religion teaches them that eating pork damns them to hell then feed them pork until they decide they want to investigate new, less lethal, religious paradigms.

Notice though how the story about duct tape relies on the word of a terrorist. Would that GWB 2.0 were given as much credence when he assures us this is not about oil or that the Iraqis see us as liberators.

BE ADVISED: What all this boils down to is that unless the Democrats can turn Iraq into a losing war and thus be able to say, "see, we told you it was a losing war" they will continue to hemorrhage politically. They are quite willing to invalidate the sacrifices of every soldier, sailor, airman and marine to do so. They are willing to embolden and grant victory to baby-bombing terroists if it betters their chances in 2008. If bin Laden sees America quit the war leaving him to regroup and counter-attack the US that is a casualty in the political struggle these senators are willing to accept.


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